Is pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation done every day or every few days?

Author:麻麻康 Time:2020-09-27 14:25:25 Arcclick:

For customers below level 3, the first two times of pure electrical stimulation, the interval is 1-2 days, the third time is coupled with biofeedback training, if the customer cannot complete the training time, it can be stopped early, and the fourth time starts, electrical stimulation Add biofeedback training (recommended to complete as much as possible)

Start electrical stimulation + biofeedback training training for the first time above level 3. If the customer cannot complete it, you can stop ahead of time. The second start, electrical stimulation plus biofeedback training (recommended to complete as much as possible), electrical stimulation time 15 minutes, biofeedback training Time 10-15 minutes.

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