What is biofeedback training?

Author:麻麻康 Time:2020-09-27 14:41:19 Arcclick:

(Officially speaking) Biofeedback training is to use simulated sound or visual signals to feed back normal or abnormal pelvic floor muscle activity. After corresponding transformation and processing, we can form a visible graph, which is the curve shown on our report sheet. , So as to achieve personalized training for customers. In order to enhance the pelvic floor muscle tension and contraction force, control the bladder, and achieve the purpose of rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscles, treatment of urinary incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic floor biofeedback is to collect the movement data of the pelvic floor muscles through instruments.

(In layman's terms) Biofeedback is to learn self-control with the help of the physiological signals collected by the instrument.

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