The principle of electrical stimulation?

Author:麻麻康 Time:2020-09-27 14:55:19 Arcclick:

(Officially) The principle of pelvic floor electrical stimulation is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction (that is, the amount of ions released during electrolysis is proportional to the current intensity). Magnetic pulses can penetrate deep into the tissues and enter the perineum. Start the nerve impulse, cause the pelvic floor muscles to contract, thereby enhancing the pelvic floor muscle strength, increasing the urethral closure pressure to improve the ability to control urine.

(In layman's terms) Electrical stimulation refers to the use of specific parameters of pulsed current to stimulate tissues and organs or the central or peripheral nerves that innervate them, thereby causing changes in the functions of tissues and organs.

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