How to do when the probe falls out when doing training?

Author:麻麻康 Time:2020-09-28 10:47:37 Arcclick:

Considering the cause of vaginal laxity and weakness, there is no basic constraint control for the probe, and also consider the client's wrong contraction force and downward force. When doing biofeedback training, the probe will fall out unconsciously. What should I do?

When relaxing, the pelvic floor muscles are relaxed and push outward, and the probe will run outward. This is normal. If you bend your legs or lay them flat, it is not easy to fall out. You can adjust your posture properly. However, when using the probe for pelvic floor muscle assessment or training, it is recommended that the legs should be slightly bent, which is helpful for exerting force, and the legs should be slightly bent with hip width.

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