Yes, cervical cyst is a benign self-limiting disease. Normal pelvic floor rehabilitation training can be performed. Electrical stimulation rehabilitation is not recommended.

For acute inflammation of the reproductive system, electrical stimulation is not recommended. However, cervical cysts, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, and physiological ovarian cysts smaller than 3 cm can be pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation can only be done when the wound is completely healed and there is no pain. It is recommended to start recovering one month after the operation, observe closely, and stop immediately if you feel unwell.

Failure to recover may cause the risk of thrombus displacement. However, users who have a history of blood clots and who have no blood clots can recover.

The current clinical evidence suggests that the endocrine function of patients will be affected during the pelvic floor rehabilitation. Some patients experience early or delayed menstruation after pelvic floor rehabilitation, and vaginal bleeding during the rehabilitation period. Other factors should be considered.

It is necessary to supervise and urge patients to follow the recovery step by step and persevere, pay attention to the hygiene of the vagina, and combine exercise with home pelvic floor rehabilitation device to avoid increasing abdominal pressure, and a reasonable diet to prevent constipation and reasonable arrangements for daily life.

If it is confirmed that there is no inflammation in one week, pelvic floor rehabilitation can be started.

In theory, pelvic floor rehabilitation will not cause menstrual disorders, but for those with thin endometrium and ovarian dysfunction, pelvic floor rehabilitation can promote the growth of the endometrium and play a certain role in rehabilitation of menstrual disorders. Some postpartum women may have menstrual cramps early after recovering 2-3 times.

Due to the spasticity, the pelvic floor muscles contract rigidly, unable to relax, and even cause local pain.


Relax with abdominal breathing.

Massage can be used to relax. The patient takes the stone-cutting supine position and relaxes. The operator first places a finger on the vaginal opening, and then enters the vagina. Let the patient adapt first, and then place the middle finger and index finger into the vagina synchronously. It is gradually aggravated from slight, and can be massaged in points or clockwise.

To detect whether it is caused by muscle cramps and tension, you can choose P1 mode, and the intensity is just slightly sensible