Urgent urinary incontinence is mainly to urinate frequently. That is to say, if the patient can't hold back when he wants to urinate, he should go to the toilet and urinate on his pants before going to the toilet. This kind of urinary incontinence is called urgent urinary incontinence. The urgency incontinence is mainly due to the sensitivity of the bladder.

Stress urinary incontinence is sneezing, coughing, laughing, holding children, lifting things, unconscious urine outflow, is the so-called leakage urine.

It may stimulate the triangle area of the bladder and cause temporary bladder activity. Pause the rehabilitation first and rest for a few days to relieve it.

The rehabilitation device is used as a means of assisting family rehabilitation in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Generally, for patients who do not have perineal contraction, we will ask Baoma to lie at home for rehabilitation device training from the beginning of rehabilitation. Use standing position, squatting position, up and down stairs and other gravity training, with the enhancement of pelvic floor muscle strength (when Baoma can complete the training of No. 1 rehabilitation device and the rehabilitation device will not fall out of the body), Baoma You can gradually increase the weight of the rehabilitation device for exercise, and you can exercise for about 15-20 minutes every day.

Use its gravity to stimulate voluntary contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, thereby increasing the muscle strength of the pelvic floor muscles.

(Officially) The principle of pelvic floor electrical stimulation is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction (that is, the amount of ions released during electrolysis is proportional to the current intensity). Magnetic pulses can penetrate deep into the tissues and enter the perineum. Start the nerve impulse, cause the pelvic floor muscles to contract, thereby enhancing the pelvic floor muscle strength, increasing the urethral closure pressure to improve the ability to control urine.

(In layman's terms) Electrical stimulation refers to the use of specific parameters of pulsed current to stimulate tissues and organs or the central or peripheral nerves that innervate them, thereby causing changes in the functions of tissues and organs.

There is no clear documentary evidence that the pelvic floor muscles will affect menstruation, but after the pelvic floor muscles accelerate the blood circulation of the pelvic floor, it may cause menstrual changes.

1.The first type of muscle is the deep muscle, which accounts for 70% of the muscle fibers. It is endurance muscle and is not easy to fatigue.

2.Type 2 muscles are superficial muscles, which account for 30% of muscle fibers. They contract rapidly, control urination and defecation, and perform normal sexual function.

Slow muscles: small motor neurons innervate the conduction speed of 65ms and play a supporting role.

Fast muscles: Large motor neurons innervate the conduction speed of 20ms, play a sphincter and control role.

Pelvic floor muscles are skeletal muscles, which are divided into one type of muscle fiber (referred to as slow muscle) and two type of muscle fiber (referred to as fast muscle)