Yes, you can use the uterine maintenance mode to do P7

(Officially speaking) Biofeedback training is to use simulated sound or visual signals to feed back normal or abnormal pelvic floor muscle activity. After corresponding transformation and processing, we can form a visible graph, which is the curve shown on our report sheet. , So as to achieve personalized training for customers. In order to enhance the pelvic floor muscle tension and contraction force, control the bladder, and achieve the purpose of rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscles, treatment of urinary incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse. Pelvic floor biofeedback is to collect the movement data of the pelvic floor muscles through instruments.

(In layman's terms) Biofeedback is to learn self-control with the help of the physiological signals collected by the instrument.

Electrical stimulation is a passive muscle stimulation exercise, while biofeedback training is active muscle contraction training. The combination of active and passive is better.

Because electrical stimulation can activate the damaged pelvic floor nerves, help restore the proprioception of pelvic floor muscle contraction, and help those who cannot contract the pelvic floor muscles correctly to contract the pelvic floor muscles and form a conditioned reflex.

Pelvic floor muscle strength evaluation is performed first, below level 3, P9 is selected for the first course of treatment, and P8 is selected after the muscle strength is improved; for level 3 and above, biofeedback training is the main, and electrical stimulation is selected as P8 as auxiliary.

For customers below level 3, the first two times of pure electrical stimulation, the interval is 1-2 days, the third time is coupled with biofeedback training, if the customer cannot complete the training time, it can be stopped early, and the fourth time starts, electrical stimulation Add biofeedback training (recommended to complete as much as possible)

Start electrical stimulation + biofeedback training training for the first time above level 3. If the customer cannot complete it, you can stop ahead of time. The second start, electrical stimulation plus biofeedback training (recommended to complete as much as possible), electrical stimulation time 15 minutes, biofeedback training Time 10-15 minutes.

As long as you insist on rehabilitation and effective guidance, the effect of repair can reach more than 80%.

Cancer patients are not recommended to do electrical stimulation rehabilitation.

Continue to strengthen pelvic floor muscle training, while explaining to customers that the physiological decline of hormone levels in the premenstrual period is the cause of the decline in pelvic floor muscle function, as long as you insist on rehabilitation and consolidation training.

If uterine fibroids are benign and have not reached the surgical indications, it is okay, and it is recommended not to exceed 3CM. During pelvic floor rehabilitation, attention should be paid to the follow-up of uterine fibroids. At present, asymptomatic uterine fibroids do not require surgery, but it is recommended to review them regularly, once every 3-6 months, focusing on observing the size of the fibroids and whether there are abnormal symptoms.