Can Kegel training replace pelvic floor muscle biofeedback exercises?

Author:Dearcare Time:2020-10-09 15:42:29 Arcclick:

Kegel training and pelvic floor biofeedback training are very similar in exercise modes. They both actively contract and relax the pelvic floor muscles. However, the two training modes are essentially different: Kegel training can only be done by feeling, tightening or relaxing. Without specific visual quantification, real-time feedback of pelvic floor force cannot be achieved.

Pelvic floor muscle biofeedback training, each contraction and relaxation can see the movement of the pelvic floor muscle through the curve or voice of the instrument. Real-time feedback, correct errors in time, and help the brain rebuild the sensitivity and perception of the pelvic floor muscles, strengthen muscle strength and endurance more effectively.

Therefore, the two are similar but cannot replace