(1) Do pelvic repair first;

(2) Do pelvic floor muscle repair again;

(3) Finally, repair the rectus abdominis;

Reminder: If the pelvic floor muscles still do not contract, it is recommended not to repair the rectus abdominis. After the client learns the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, the rectus abdominis rehabilitation will be performed.

It is not recommended to do electrical stimulation rehabilitation within 5 years after breast cancer surgery. If more than 5 years after the surgery, the patient's desire is to do pelvic floor rehabilitation. After fully communicating with the patient, choose whether to do electrical stimulation rehabilitation after weighing the pros and cons.

P1-P6 can be selected for single-machine operation of pelvic floor electrical stimulation. Other options are newly added options after APP update. It is recommended to connect to APP to use the device, with more comprehensive options.

There is no harm or side effects on the body when doing pelvic floor electrical stimulation and biofeedback training.  And if patient found pregnant during the rehabilitation period, there is no impact on the fetus. However, once found pregnant, pelvic floor myoelectric stimulation and biofeedback training should be stopped immediately.

(1)The second assessment was done immediately after the treatment, and muscle fatigue would affect the assessment results;

(2)In the first assessment, the abdomen was involved in contraction. After a course of rehabilitation training, in the second assessment, the client learned to contract the pelvic floor. The abdomen is not involved in contraction, even though the assessment result has not changed, the pelvic floor condition is improving;

(3)Failure to maintain training or physical weakness, including increased abdominal pressure during recovery due to coughing, standing and holding a baby, and abdominal obesity. Will affect the assessment results.

Different manufacturers’ instruments use different technologies and different evaluation methods. The two commonly used evaluation methods on the market are electromyography evaluation and piezoelectric evaluation. We use piezoelectric evaluation. The principles, design pages, and standards of different evaluation methods are different.

Bulging is a defect in the supporting tissues at the bottom of the pelvic cavity and is a prolapse of the vaginal wall. Prolapse is the descent of normal organs along the vagina, and pelvic organ prolapse includes uterine prolapse, bladder prolapse, and rectal prolapse.

(1)First determine the cause of the pain, if it is painful intercourse caused by high muscle tension, select P1 mode when using the instrument and set the current intensity to a weak sensation.

(2)Relaxing massage.

(3)Abdominal breathing.

Yes, muscle cramps are mainly caused by too tight muscles. More relaxation can relieve or recover. The main methods are

(1) Relaxing massage.

(2) Abdominal breathing

Use the instrument to select the P1 mode, and adjust the current intensity to a little sense.

When doing electrical stimulation, there is no need to do active pelvic floor contraction, the key is to relax the body and enjoy the rehabilitation process.