Menstruation clean 2-3 days can start to recover

Focus on the pelvic floor, and other muscles should be relaxed as much as possible. The rehabilitation therapist can observe or palpate the contraction of the auxiliary muscles, and guide the client to correctly exert force to contract the pelvic floor muscles.

It is also necessary for elderly women to do pelvic floor rehabilitation. Effective pelvic floor training can prevent pelvic floor organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, but the effect varies from person to person.

Puffing is not only a problem of muscle relaxation. It depends on the degree of puffing, the degree of cooperation and the health of the client. If you insist on doing rehabilitation training in light or moderate degree, it will be improved and improved appropriately. The effect of rehabilitation dumbbell is better.

1. Judging from the color of lochia, the color of lochia varies from bright red, dark red, dark black to light red, and finally colorless.

2. Go to the hospital to do a B ultrasound, check the uterine involution.

Sexual life can be carried out, but it is not recommended to be too frequent. It is easy to have a decline in the functional status of pelvic floor muscle exercise the next day after sexual life. Sexual life is not recommended one day before assessment and rehabilitation. After pelvic floor function is basically or completely improved, normal sexual life can be achieved.

Physiological uterine cavity effusion can do pelvic floor rehabilitation, pathological uterine cavity effusion can not do.

Degree I and II are normal range, which can be done well; disinfection work should be done well; cleanliness degree I-II is normal, III-IV is abnormal, most of them may be vaginitis, and pathogens such as pathogenic bacteria, fungi or Trichomonas can be found at the same time. When ovarian function is insufficient and estrogen is reduced, vaginal epithelial hyperplasia is poor, glycogen is reduced, vaginal bacilli are less, and it is easy to infect miscellaneous bacteria, which can also make the cleanliness of vagina worse.

1. The position of the vaginal probe or electrode will not be exactly the same each time.

2. The muscle fibers gradually have different tolerance to this intensity of electrical stimulation, and constantly adapt to the process.

3. Scar, nerve conduction function gradually recovered, in the process of human perception also gradually increased.