Of course it is effective. Pelvic floor rehabilitation does not mean that it is effective at a certain period of time, but it means that the earlier the repair is faster, the better, and the pelvic floor muscle is a muscle that needs to be practiced throughout the life.

Pelvic floor dysfunction disease refers to a group of diseases in which the pelvic organs are displaced due to various factors such as weakness, injury and dysfunction of the pelvic floor support structure and cause various pelvic organ dysfunctions. Common ones include pelvic organ loss. Sudden, urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

It is recommended that after 42 days postpartum, lochia is over, and after re-examination, routine leucorrhea examination should be performed. If the leucorrhea examination is normal and there are no contraindications, pelvic floor rehabilitation can begin.

1.The electrode cannot be used, it will affect the conduction of current and cannot be used normally.

2.The probe can be used, but it is not recommended.

Before use, put on gloves and a mask, clean it with water, and then wipe the surface of the electrode probe with iodophor (non-alcohol). Remember not to dip the cotton swab repeatedly or to sterilize it back and forth. The disinfection effect is 1 minute. After disinfection, you can apply lubricant, and then put it into the vagina immediately. If the interval is too long, it is recommended to disinfect again.

Rinse it with water after use, wash it with sterilizing soap, wipe it dry or dry it before storing.

The electrodes have both sides of the electrode sheet placed in the direction of both sides of the thigh in the vagina.

After the probe is put in, the handle is vertically stuck at the vaginal opening.

If the amount of bleeding is low, it may be due to the thinner vaginal mucosal wall after childbirth, irritating bleeding, or uterine effusion. Drink plenty of hot water at ordinary times and suspend recovery first. Rehabilitation of the pelvic floor can only be continued until there is no bloodshot;

If there is a lot of blood, you can go for a B-ultrasound examination of the uterine cavity; if there is no serious problem, you can continue to recover after the bleeding stops.

Regardless of whether there is pain, it is recommended to relax the pelvic floor muscles with abdominal breathing before and after rehabilitation

If you have pain symptoms, do P1 mode and adjust the energy to a little bit to feel.

If there are no pain symptoms, perform symptomatic rehabilitation as usual.

Consider the causes of occult urinary incontinence. Once had symptoms of urinary incontinence, as the course of the disease progressed, the bladder neck angle decreased due to pelvic floor relaxation and the urethra turned back. The symptoms of urinary incontinence disappeared, but during the rehabilitation process, the anatomical structure of the pelvic floor increased after the muscle strength increased. , The symptoms of urinary incontinence will appear again, also called "dumping" phenomenon. It is a normal phenomenon in the process of disease progression, continue to recover.

It can’t be said, because the intensity of electrical stimulation is adjusted according to the tolerance of different patients. If the intensity is too high, it will cause a tingling sensation. If the patient’s sensory nerves are damaged or patients with cognitive dysfunction are at risk, the intensity Too big may cause muscle soreness and burns.