Dearcare appears in the 6th mother infant ecological conference in 2020

2020-08-14 Read:

Affected by the epidemic situation in early 2020, the offline retail market of the maternal and infant industry is also relatively flat, and major marketing exhibitions and activities have been postponed or cancelled, which brings brand-new challenges to many brands.

For the channel providers and brands seeking cooperation, the space barrier of "unable to accurately find goods face to face" has become one of the obstacles to cooperation. With the control and improvement of the domestic epidemic situation, in order to promote the ecological development of the maternal and infant industry, a cooperation channel between channel providers and enterprises has been established. Major maternal and infant exhibitions have been put on the agenda, and brands of major maternal and infant industries have been invited to participate in the exhibition, so as to improve the cooperation efficiency between the supply and demand sides of mother and infant.


As a leading postpartum rehabilitation brand in China, Dearcare, which has been committed to solving the problem of postpartum rehabilitation for Baoma group for a long time, has become one of the brands invited by major exhibition parties. It is reported that Dearcare will participate in the "Shanghai cherry strict selection of mothers and babies" and "Nanjing" in the near future A kind of The three major maternal and infant exhibitions of HMCC and "Shenzhen MBC pregnancy and infant Exhibition" provide intelligent, innovative and high-quality products for more partners in the industry of health care, and at the same time, it also gives brand-new empowerment to its own brand, and creates an online + offline business pattern.

Shanghai cherry strict selection of mothers and babies to find goods Festival, broaden the channel of Boutique

At the same time, the crisis under the epidemic situation has brought a new turning point. "Online live broadcasting with goods" and "online marketing" have become the normal under the epidemic situation, bringing new consumption habits to consumers and opening up new marketing methods for enterprises. For the channel business, how to find a good product with its own traffic exposure in the mass of products and complicated information has become a norm.


To this end, "Cherry strict selection of mother and baby shopping festival" will be held in Shanghai from August 18 to 20, 2020, to create a three-day "select global maternal and child resources + business accurate and rapid docking" as the core of the global good goods Festival. 

With "offline face-to-face communication + online B2B Live Search" as the brand, it will establish a new cooperation mode with channel operators, so as to break the current situation of information asymmetry and solve the problems of maternal and infant industry .It is difficult for scholars to find "goods". 

The exhibition provides channel merchants with a large number of flow explosive products, characteristic new products, top factories, high-quality projects and other nearly 500 enterprises; while Dearcare's cherry strict selection of mother and baby shopping festival will not only show innovative intelligent achievements, but also use the exhibition platform to transmit the power of brand, which will help the development of mother, baby and health industry.


 Nanjing A kind of Zhongjianying (HMCC), empowering the brand

In the current era, more and more attention has been paid to the health and safety of maternal and infant population. How to improve and improve the operation standards and environmental construction standards of maternal and infant service places such as the maternity center and postpartum rehabilitation, so as to create more quality service value for the maternal and infant population has become the common goal of the industry.

With this as the core strategy, on August 29-31, China healthy baby (HMCC) National Maternal and infant health industry expo focused on professional technology to help the sustainable and rapid development of maternal and infant industry, so as to continuously promote the upgrading of maternal and infant health industry. 

This exhibition is based on the brand of technology industry, which is a professional exhibition platform for brand promotion, trade cooperation and technology exchange integration. As the first successful brand of intelligent postpartum rehabilitation system in China, Dearcare aims to endow the brand with high-tech, show the strong strength of the brand, and help the ecological development of the maternal and infant industry.


Shenzhen A kind of MBC pregnant and infant exhibition, creating a new retail business model

Under the influence of the epidemic situation, the maternal and infant retail market is in urgent need of restructuring the industry and breaking the road under the attack of mobile Internet dimensionality reduction. Shenzhen MBC pregnancy and infant exhibition, as the leading maternity and infant products industry exhibition in South China, will be opened from September 4 to 6 in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. 

The exhibition features in the hope that industry professionals, mothers and children, and family groups can experience the wisdom of the future with the help of the exhibition platform Smart mother and baby new life, thus leading the quality upgrading of maternal and infant industry. 

There are also a series of high-quality professional forums, "intelligent manufacturing, nursing and feeding, food and nutrition products" and other seven theme exhibition areas, providing a high-quality display platform for the maternal and infant industry, covering the whole industrial chain of the maternal and infant industry, expanding the sales volume of the new retail market for mothers and infants, empowering the traditional manufacturing base, and completing a new path of digital transformation for the major maternal and infant retail.


Dearcare helps the ecological development of health industry

Shenzhen Degas intelligence Technology Co., Ltd, founded in 2015 in Shenzhen, is a high-tech company focusing on the development of family intelligent postpartum rehabilitation medical devices. It has successfully constructed the first intelligent postpartum rehabilitation system in China. As the original main brand of Degas, Dearcare provides comprehensive medical equipment and professional system solutions for the majority of medical institutions and rehabilitation centers. 

At the same time, it also provides home-based intelligent medical products for pregnant and puerperal mothers and urinary incontinence patients. In order to help solve the postpartum problems of pregnant and postpartum mothers, Dearcare has been constantly innovating and promoting China Postpartum rehabilitation.

Up to now, Dearcare has cooperated with more than 4000 offline chankang stores, covering almost all provinces and cities in China. Its products include pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation instrument, pelvic floor uterus rehabilitation instrument, intelligent pelvic abdominal rehabilitation instrument, intelligent lactation apparatus, intelligent postpartum rehabilitation instrument, intelligent comprehensive postpartum rehabilitation instrument, pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation device, mother's wrist and finger protection, rehabilitation consumables, etc. the products are suitable for postpartum lactation .

It can promote postpartum urination, uterine involution and postpartum recovery. It can be used for women with postpartum or decreased vaginal muscle strength to exercise vaginal muscles, improve pelvic floor muscle contraction capacity, relieve symptoms such as stress urinary incontinence, vaginal uterus and other organs bulge or prolapse, chronic pain, constipation and other symptoms. 

It has always maintained the first sales in tmall, JD and other platform sub categories, accumulating services for postpartum treasure The number of mothers is more than 300000; Dearcare, in conjunction with the "systematic production and health training school", is committed to training a group of professional production and health service personnel, so as to bring more standardized, professional and systematic high-quality rehabilitation services for the majority of postpartum mothers.

This time, Dearcare participated in the "Shanghai cherry strict selection of mother and baby shopping festival" and "Nanjing" A kind of "HMCC", "Shenzhen" A kind of With the help of the exhibition platform, the three major exhibitions of MBC maternal and infant children exhibition will show their own enterprise technology and innovative products to the outside world and peers, and show the brand strength. 

At the same time, more internal and external bridges and platforms will be built to upgrade the brand. In addition to Dearcare, the exhibition also gathered a large number of senior channel resources in the maternal and infant industry, which is bound to attract the attention of the mother and infant channel merchants, purchasers and many consumers all over the country. 

Dearcare sincerely welcomes more industry partners and consumers to participate in the exhibition. Through face-to-face accurate communication, it can provide more sufficient information for the service and demand, and help the ecological development of the industry!