Dearcare industry training, weaving industry talent cradle

2020-08-03 Read:

Degas , as a high-tech company focusing on the field of intelligent postpartum rehabilitation and committed to solving the problems of postpartum rehabilitation for postpartum mothers, has long attached importance to the cultivation of talents, and takes talents as the first driving force to promote the development of the company. 

As the main brand of the company, in recent years, Dearcare has been insisting on increasing capital investment to carry out a series of postpartum rehabilitation related training for the company's organizational system, including internal employees, relevant dealers and customers, etc., and regards it as a long-term project of personnel training and organizational upgrading.



Since March 28, Dearcare has carried out expert training for its internal staff in 2020. The expert training meeting was organized by Dearcare and invited authoritative doctors and nurses from gynecology and obstetrics, rehabilitation department and other relevant departments of Peking University Hospital of Shenzhen University as lecturers. 

Experts combined with their own clinical experience for many years, around the theme of "female pelvic floor muscle health", the experts cited a large number of case analysis, which further deepened the understanding of relevant pelvic floor knowledge of internal staff of Dearcare, the sense of substitution of product application scenarios, and provided innovative ideas for product upgrading. The fifth training of 2020 was held on July 4. The training invited a team of gynecologists and obstetricians from Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, which has established a good cooperation relationship with Dearcare.



The training contents are mainly related to the female pelvic floor muscles * problems, including the anatomy of the female reproductive system, the pregnancy childbirth and pelvic floor dysfunction, the essence and basic treatment principles of postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation, the diagnosis and treatment of postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation, the diagnosis and treatment of urinary retention, the etiology, examination and rehabilitation of stress urinary incontinence, and the pelvic floor. The etiology, examination and rehabilitation treatment of organ prolapse; diagnosis and treatment of chronic pelvic pain; pelvic floor tissue injury and pelvic floor function evaluation; clinical application of mainstream physical rehabilitation equipment in the market; uterine and psychological rehabilitation after artificial abortion and etiology, examination and rehabilitation treatment of dysmenorrhea.

Through the regular training of professional doctors, the staff of Dearcare can better improve their professional knowledge and technical ability, so that the staff can more adapt to the needs of the post, and improve the quality of service to customers and the professional quality of employees. It also provides theoretical support for the development and production of new products. We believe that Dearcare products can better benefit women's health and share the treatment pressure of doctors.

In addition to the internal training, the monthly training meeting of Dearcare's postpartum rehabilitation is also being carried out intensively and orderly. "Smart postpartum rehabilitation monthly training" organized and carried out by Dearcare company in Changsha station was successfully completed on July 10. The training was presided over by Dearcare's gold medal lecturers Xiao AI and Tian Tian. Dearcare also invited a special professional lecturer, Mr. Jiang Xiuhong. As a pioneer and explorer in the postpartum rehabilitation industry, ma'kang has been committed to providing comprehensive medical equipment and system solutions for medical institutions and rehabilitation centers, and has also insisted on doing a good job in science and education popularization for the postpartum rehabilitation industry.


The monthly training meeting is mainly aimed at the combination of theory and practice of MMk520i, a famous product of Dearcare. The product belongs to the second class medical device certified by the state, and is the first choice of medical institutions. The main participants of this training meeting are customers who have purchased MMk520i or are interested in products from Changsha and its surrounding areas. The training meeting attracted more than 130 customers, mainly from hospitals, health stores and other medical rehabilitation institutions.

Dearcare gold medal lecturer Xiao AI is mainly responsible for the training of Dearcare instrument theory knowledge and the guidance of interpretation skills of pelvic floor muscle evaluation report, so as to help operators use the machine more effectively and correctly. Mr. Tian Tian mainly guided and explained the practical operation and question answering of MMk520i, which helped the participants better understand the use of the machine. Jiang Xiuhong, a professional lecturer specially engaged in the training meeting, is responsible for explaining how to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees in primary medical institutions and improve the turnover rate of relevant postpartum rehabilitation


Through the explanation of several teachers and on-site Q & A, the training personnel's understanding of Dearcare products was effectively improved, and many practical problems were solved. It was helpful to promote the advanced concept and technology of post natal rehabilitation, bring better service for postpartum mothers, and promote the communication between Dearcare and customers, and shorten the distance between them.

Training has become an integral part of the brand development strategy. For the company's internal training, not only can improve the understanding of professional knowledge, but also help employees more adapt to the needs of the company's development. 

The company's monthly training in all parts of the country helps to promote the close cooperation between Dearcare and its customers, publicize relevant professional knowledge, and enhance the marketing ability of dealers, so as to further promote the development of the industry. In the future, the innovation of technology management and business model will continue to open up new territory for us! Dearcare, sincerely wish every postpartum mother can restore relaxed self-confidence, return to quality life!