is milk really made up?

2020-08-12 Read:

This is a Chinese misconception. In the past few years, there was a lack of material. Only during the period of confinement could a pregnant woman eat nutritious food. Therefore, she attributed the milking to the greasy soup. But in fact, soup has a high fat content at the bottom of its nutritional density. In fact, the soup is filled with liquid. It has not made much contribution to nutrition (the nutrition is still in the soup residue). On the contrary, it makes up the excess fat in vain.

Here also reminds novice mothers, in fact, from the birth of the baby to the beginning of milk production, there is a link in the middle, that is, to make the breast tube smooth. If the breast tube is not all smooth, and the new mother drank a lot of soup, then the secretion of milk will be blocked in the breast tube, serious will also cause new mother mastitis, but affect normal lactation.


The secretion of milk mainly depends on the newborn's frequent sucking, rather than how much soup to drink or what milk stimulant to take.

Breast milk is secreted on demand, the more babies suck, the more exuberant milk secretion. Newborns should breastfeed 8-12 times a day or more to effectively promote breast milk secretion. In the diet, lactating mothers should ensure balanced nutrition, eat more protein, fruits and vegetables to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients, and then, add some extra water, it is not necessary to drink those greasy soup。