How to make an evaluation plan after giving birth?

2022-06-29 Read:

Postpartum pelvic floor examination and evaluation is convenient for mothers and rehabilitation doctors to understand the pelvic floor muscles of mothers in time, and is an important means to prevent and timely intervene and treat pelvic floor diseases. When the pelvic floor comes into our field of vision, when we begin to realize the importance of pelvic floor rehabilitation, and when you start to prepare the pelvic floor to focus on, when is it appropriate? What to do to check? How to evaluate it?

How to make an evaluation plan after giving birth?(图1)

Remember this point in time:

42 days. According to the physiological characteristics of postpartum women, the postpartum year is divided into the puerperium period and the postpartum recovery period. This time node is 42 days postpartum. 42 days after giving birth, all organs of the mother's body basically return to their pre-pregnancy state, which is the best time to evaluate and perform pelvic floor rehabilitation.

At 42 days postpartum, a comprehensive examination should be carried out by professionals. Usually, routine examinations mainly include perineal and general gynecological examinations. Taking the postpartum examination at 42 days as the starting point, an initial assessment of the pelvic floor function of the puerpera is carried out. Pelvic floor muscle function evaluation: mainly includes pelvic floor muscle strength and vaginal systolic blood pressure; rectal examination is used to evaluate whether the anal sphincter is damaged in the state of rest and voluntary contraction.

It is recommended that each mother should be evaluated at 42 days postpartum, six months postpartum, and one year postpartum, so as to timely detect chronic pelvic floor damage that occurs later. Pre-rehabilitation and post-rehabilitation evaluations should be performed for postpartum pelvic floor rehabilitation in the course of rehabilitation treatment to observe the effect of pelvic floor rehabilitation. Don't miss out on the golden postpartum check and repair time.