Diastasis Recti: Treatment, Prevention, and More

2022-04-18 Read:

Diastasis Recti:  Treatment, Prevention, and More(图1)

Repair the pelvic floor before repairing the rectus abdominis. The process of childbirth will more or less damage the pelvic floor muscles, and the pelvic floor muscles belong to the core muscles of our body. Only when it is in good condition, the rectus abdominis repair will not damage the pelvic floor muscles.

Secondly, the pelvic floor muscles have not been repaired, and the body needs to use back strength to maintain balance. If things go on like this, there will be symptoms of low back pain. Therefore, it is necessary to repair the pelvic floor muscles first and then repair the rectus abdominis.

1. Control your weight and keep exercising during pregnancy

Mothers should try their best to control the weight gain to about 20 pounds, so that the fascia will not be stretched too seriously because the fetus is too large. Moreover, exercise during pregnancy can make mother's muscles firmer and better prevent rectus abdominis separation.

2. Abdominal breathing

Adhering to abdominal breathing every day can improve the body's metabolism, promote blood circulation, tighten abdominal muscles, reduce waist and abdominal fat, enhance the strength of core muscles, and help to repair the separation of rectus abdominis. Abdominal breathing practice: inhale through the nose, slightly bulge the lower abdomen; exhale through the mouth, tighten the lower abdomen; follow the breathing up and down the lower abdomen, keeping the chest still during the process.

3. Electrical stimulation therapy

Using different frequencies of current to stimulate neurons in the body, improve neuromuscular excitability, wake up cells whose function is suspended, and allow more muscle fibers to participate in muscle activity, muscles will become elastic, and at the same time, pelvic inclination and pelvic inclination can be improved. Restore spine function. The separated rectus abdominis will also gradually return to its place.

Rectus abdominis separation has a certain degree of natural recovery process over time after delivery. Most mothers can recover on their own within a year after giving birth, but there are still mothers who must rely on systematic postpartum rehabilitation training to return to normal physical condition.