After finishing pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation treatment, why can bleed?

2020-09-25 Read:

How about the amount of bleeding?

1. More bleeding, need to seek medical consultation and examination

2. If there is a small amount of bleeding, you can continue to ask the customer about the situation and understand the cause of bleeding.


What factors are associated with bleeding?

1. Melting line reaction of wound after cesarean section: light red

2. The bleeding or melting line reaction of perineal wound in natural labor

3. Puerperal vaginitis, mucosal bleeding caused by electrical stimulation

4. Postpartum hydrops

5. Menstrual disorder during lactation, focal hemorrhage of endometrium

6. Biopsy or curettage is recommended when cervical or uterine body malignant tumor is extremely suspected

7. Senile vaginitis or chronic cervicitis, pelvic floor treatment may also lead to bleeding

The causes of bleeding were analyzed step by step

1. Is the mode of production cesarean section or natural delivery? Is there a side cut / tear wound in natural labor?

Yes, there are.Because electrical stimulation can promote muscle contraction, the wound may have a fusion line reaction, exudation of a small amount of blood, do not worry, you can wait until the wound is completely healed, and then continue the electrical stimulation treatment.

2. How long after delivery? Is lochia clean?

The situation of postpartum uterine involution varies from person to person. Incomplete uterine involution may lead to lochia not completely discharged. When pelvic floor rehabilitation electrical stimulation therapy is carried out, pelvic floor muscle contraction and uterine contraction are passively caused, which accelerates intrauterine blood circulation and promotes postpartum residual uterine cavity effusion and lochia discharge.

3. Is it breast-feeding?

Lactation hormone instability, prone to irregular menstruation, resulting in irregular bleeding.

4. Ask the client if there is a history of gynecological inflammation?

Senile vaginitis, common in postmenopausal women, estrogen decreased, vaginal wall atrophy, mucosal thinning, prone to irritating mucosal bleeding; chronic cervicitis, pelvic floor rehabilitation may also lead to contact bleeding.

5. None of the above conditions, may be due to the production process leading to vaginal mucosal wall damage and thinning

Under the stimulation of low-frequency electric pulse current, a small amount of bleeding will appear, and observation can be suspended, and the pelvic floor rehabilitation treatment can be continued after there is no blood.

Warm tips: postpartum there will be a lot of uncertainty, there will be bleeding after pelvic floor rehabilitation treatment, rehabilitation teachers should not panic, according to the above steps to analyze the causes of bleeding, generally a small amount of bleeding is not a big obstacle, you can suspend observation, and continue to do pelvic floor rehabilitation treatment after there is no blood.