Postpartum mother micturition frequency urgent urine does not do?

2020-10-06 Read:

In daily life, do you know something about pelvic floor muscle disorder? In fact, there are many reasons for frequent urination, such as vaginal forearm bulge, overactive bladder, eating or drinking stimulating food and drink, mental factors, etc. Female friends in daily life can pay attention to the following aspects.

Postpartum mother micturition frequency urgent urine does not do?(图1)

1. Develop good urination habits

Do not go to the toilet as soon as you feel like urinating, and then go to the toilet after a pause. It should be noted that the pause here is not a suggestion for holding urine for a long time. Bladder after training can expand the urine storage capacity, avoid excessive sensitivity caused by a small amount of urine.

2. When urinating, relax pelvic floor muscles and try to urinate

Urinate slowly, supplemented by a slow long breath (like blowing out a birthday candle with one breath), and empty the bladder as much as possible when the pelvic floor muscles are relaxed.

3. Reduce or do not drink coffee, strong tea, orange juice, black cocoa drinks, etc

Don't drink too much water at once. It's better to drink a small amount of water several times. Don't eat or reduce the consumption of dark chocolate.

4. In a certain period of time, frequent urination is not a problem of urinary tract infection. 

If you want to relax your mind and reduce mental pressure, don't take frequent urination as a matter of fact. After the mental pressure is eliminated, frequent urination and urgency will also disappear naturally.

5. If it is confirmed as overactive bladder disease, it is necessary to take symptomatic drugs according to the doctor's advice.

6. If it is confirmed that urinary incontinence caused by pelvic floor muscle, pelvic floor rehabilitation treatment should be done in time.