What is the real Kegel training?

2020-10-16 Read:

Today, let's talk about the misunderstanding of Kegel's exercise

What is the real Kegel training?(图1)

1. Does Kegel have to do 300 exercises a day?

What needs to be reminded is: mothers who are still in weak or even damaged pelvic floor muscles shortly after delivery may feel that it is really difficult to do Kegel's tightening and lifting action, but you are very eager to resume exercise. At this time, you need to calm down, calm down, and listen to your body. You should put more energy on the recovery of the overall function of the body and add more Qi and blood, pay attention to rest, when feeling energetic and strong, gradually strengthen Kegel exercise. So, Kegel exercises for quality, not quantity.

In addition, if mothers really have difficulties in completing the standard Kegel action, they can first try the bridge building exercise, which is also known as Kegel exercise.

2. Is Kegel exercise just like anal exercise?

In short, Kegel pelvic floor muscle exercise refers to the contraction of vaginal wall muscles to achieve the effect of PC muscle training, while anal lifting exercise refers to scaling the anus rather than vaginal orifice or vaginal wall.

In western countries, Kegel exercise is often recommended. In China, anal lifting exercise is often recommended. As for which form can help to improve the symptoms of pelvic floor organ bulge, it depends on the individual experience of the trainer. There is no study to compare the difference of the effects of two forms of exercise. The essence and form of levator exercise is similar to Kegel's pelvic floor muscle exercise mentioned above.

When doing pelvic floor muscle exercise, mothers can try to tighten the vaginal orifice and anal orifice at the same time, and then lift up the vaginal wall and anus at the same time. If you can't achieve this kind of high difficulty movement, you can also try to do Kegel exercise today, do anal lifting exercise tomorrow, two different forms of pelvic floor muscle exercise alternately.