When is the best time to resume fitness exercise after childbirth?

2020-10-27 Read:

After pregnancy and childbirth, women's body organs, especially the pelvic floor organs, have undergone a severe test. From 42 days to 6 months postpartum, the stability and strength of the body's core muscles are not strong enough, and high-intensity fitness exercises are not suitable.

When is the best time to resume fitness exercise after childbirth?(图1)

(1)Within 1 week after childbirth: The new mother has just experienced childbirth, always abnormally tired. At this time, mother should rest in bed, ensure adequate sleep, take a reasonable diet, and recover as soon as possible. New mothers need to pay attention to their body posture when resting in bed. It is recommended to lie on the side and straighten their body . 

(2) 2-6 weeks after childbirth: mothers can move around the room  every day, within 10-15 minutes and no more than 3 times each day. When lying in bed, mothers can try some  effective Kegel exercises and some postpartum posture training, but be sure to avoid crunches. During the 3-6 weeks postpartum, you can also do some body stretching exercises sitting on a chair, stretching your arms and legs. After the lochia is clean, try professional pelvic floor exercises.

(3) After 42 days to 4 months postpartum: Continue to perform pelvic floor muscle training. Gradually increase the number of indoor and outdoor activities, do what you can, and avoid excessive one-time activity . Can do pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation electrical stimulation therapy + biofeedback training, prevent pelvic floor disorders disease.

(4) 5~6 months postpartum: You can start to participate in postpartum fitness training courses organized by some professional organizations; low-intensity aerobic training: including swimming, Tai Chi, belly dance etc. And continue pelvic floor muscle training exercises .

(5) After 6 months postpartum: Low-intensity yoga or Pilates exercise training should be carried out under the guidance of an experienced postpartum rehabilitation coach. Persist in pelvic floor muscle training for one year  or longer, which is conducive to the  new mother's pelvic floor function.

Reminder: The golden period of pelvic floor rehabilitation within six months after delivery

Do not give running, badminton or other high-intensity sports, you can try to resume such sports after 10 to 12 months postpartum.