How to thin waist after childbirth

2021-01-09 Read:

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Loose belly, love handles, and sagging abdomen are common troubles for postpartum women, so many of them dare not show their abdomen anymore, and the culprit of all these seems to come from "birth." In fact, there are many reasons for this embarrassing situation, such as separation of rectus abdominis, wrong diet, bad living habits, lack of exercise and so on. It is undeniable that "rectus abdominis separation" is indeed an important factor. Elderly parturient women, multiple pregnancy and multiple births, huge fetuses, multiple births, multiple amniotic fluid, small pre-pregnancy body shape, etc., these are all important factors leading to the separation of the rectus abdominis in the third trimester and postpartum. Therefore, it is necessary to quickly resolve rectus abdominis separation after delivery.

The separation of postpartum rectus abdominis is inseparable from these four factors

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1. Physiological aspects

Rectus abdominis separation is very common after 35 weeks of gestation. The resulting prevalence of postpartum high rectus abdominis separation is 50%-60% at 6 weeks postpartum and as high as 39 after 6 months postpartum. %-45%.

2. Diet

Continuous eating during pregnancy leads to serious excess weight. As the pregnancy progresses, the stomach is also stretched, which makes the elasticity of the abdominal muscles decrease; if excessive dieting during pregnancy and nutritional deficiency, it may also cause the elasticity of the abdominal muscles to decrease. .

3. Sports

Little or lack of postpartum exercise leads to more and more accumulation of abdominal fat, which affects the recovery of isolated rectus abdominis.

4. Dressing

Loose maternity clothes during pregnancy will make the abdominal strength almost all pressed on the abdomen and pelvic floor, which not only affects the abdominal muscles, but may also cause a decline in pelvic floor function.

The recovery of rectus abdominis separation is inseparable from the training of core muscles

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The strength of the abdominal muscles decreases after childbirth, so it is necessary to train the core muscles of the abdomen after childbirth. Abdominal core strength training can activate the abdominal muscles, reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat, and at the same time reduce the occurrence of postpartum low back pain, urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and other pelvic floor diseases.

In addition to core muscle training, don’t forget to do these 3 things

1. Autonomous training

Standing abdomen, kneeling abdomen, kneeling and leg extension, supine leg raising, and supine kicking are all autonomous training methods to help the separated rectus abdominis recover. Studies have shown that this method can also solve the separation of rectus abdominis to a certain extent.

2. Rehabilitation massage

For patients with separated rectus abdominis, rehabilitation massage can increase the elasticity of ligaments and relieve muscle fatigue, improve abdominal muscle strength and endurance, enhance local blood circulation, and help restore loose abdominal skin and muscles.

3. Avoid certain sports

Before the rectus abdominis separation is restored, it is not recommended to perform trunk bending and trunk twisting exercises, such as sit-ups, hula hoop twisting, and abdominal crunching. After giving birth, most women desire to have a flat lower abdomen again. Please remember that professional shaping, proper exercise, and healthy diet are indispensable.