Just relying on breathing can help lose weight?

2021-01-11 Read:

Just relying on breathing can help lose weight?(图1)

Some people say that you can lose weight just by breathing. In fact, breathing does bring many benefits to people. Most people think that the role of breathing is only to maintain life, and there is no life without breathing, which is the most important function of breathing. But in addition to supplying the body with sufficient oxygen to sustain life, breathing has many good functions. The thin waist is just one of them. Some people may wonder, if I can breathe and thin my waist, why am I not thin? Then we have to understand, which breathing pattern are we using? Which breathing mode is for a thin belly?

First, let's first understand the types of breathing modes. There are 6 breathing modes.

Abdominal breathing: It is the breathing pattern that humans have after birth.

Thoracic breathing: It is a compensatory breathing mode after abdominal breathing is suppressed, and it is also a correct breathing.

Intercostal breathing: A breathing pattern that opens the ribs to the left and right.

Back breathing: A breathing pattern that opens the ribs back.

Shoulder breathing: An overcompensatory breathing pattern that can appear briefly after intense running or exercise. If used for a long time, it is an incorrect breathing pattern.

Mixed breathing: also called cylinder breathing, a mixed breathing method that combines chest breathing, intercostal breathing and back breathing!

Which breathing mode can make your stomach thin? What is its principle?

Just relying on breathing can help lose weight?(图2)

There are many kinds of breathing patterns, among which the breathing pattern that can make our stomachs slim down and highlight the waistline is abdominal breathing. There are 4 muscles in our abdomen, the transversus abdominis, the internal and external obliques and the rectus abdominis. These muscles should have tightly bound our waist and abdomen like a bandage, keeping the internal organs in place and keeping the abdominal pressure stable. However, because we usually sit for a long time and do not exercise, our abdominal muscles are weakened, pregnancy, obesity, etc. cause abdominal muscles to be overstretched, and incorrect breathing patterns cause abdominal pressure to increase, etc., which make our stomachs excessive Relaxation, weakness, and sagging, unable to maintain normal abdominal pressure, unable to maintain the position of internal organs, in order to fill and fix the position of the organs, a large amount of fat accumulates in the abdomen.

Abdominal muscle recovery

How to restore the strength and vitality of the abdominal muscles? In addition to proper exercise, it is also important to insist on abdominal breathing. Abdominal breathing can move the muscles between breaths and activate the abdominal muscles. Abdominal breathing can strengthen training during exhalation, tighten the abdominal muscles, and restore muscle tension. Abdominal breathing can make organs move, activate internal organs, stimulate gastrointestinal motility, accelerate metabolism, and increase fat consumption.

By strengthening abdominal breathing training, the abdominal muscles can be tightened, restore the original elasticity and tension, maintain normal abdominal pressure, maintain the normal position of the organs, and prevent sagging and fat accumulation. Long-term persistence can reduce the excess fat on the waist and abdomen, so women who sit in the office for a long time may wish to do abdominal breathing during the rest period, which can not only reduce the belly but also relieve the tension caused by work pressure. Abdominal breathing can also maintain the stability of the spine, improve the symptoms of backache and back pain, and prevent the occurrence of back pain. And insomnia women practice abdominal breathing at night to calm themselves down quickly, to eliminate distracting thoughts and help sleep.