The difference between blocked milk ducts and mastitis

2021-01-26 Read:

The difference between blocked milk ducts and mastitis(图1)

Mastitis often occurs with plugged milk ducts, and both are similar problems. After blocked milk ducts last for a period of time, it may develop into mastitis. The symptoms of plugged milk ducts and mastitis are very similar, and sometimes the boundaries between the two are blurred. When plugged milk ducts, milk accumulates in the mammary ducts, you will feel small indurations in the breast, and sometimes an area is relatively hard. The pain in the breast resembles a bruise. Plugged milk ducts will have fever, chill, joint pain and other symptoms in the later stage, which will make you mistakenly think that you have the flu.

Reasons for plugged milk ducts:

1. Clothes (including bras) are too tight

2. The breast is hit

3. Excessive psychological pressure

4. The breastfeeding interval is too long (such as not being with the baby for a long time)

5. The amount of lactation exceeds what the baby needs

The difference between blocked milk ducts and mastitis(图2)

Methods to deal with plugged milk ducts:

Once you have the performance of plugged milk ducts, please rest in bed and never exercise. Generally, the situation will improve after 1-2 days. Plugged milk ducts are definitely not a trivial matter.

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The following methods can effectively deal with plugged milk ducts:

1. Breastfeed more frequently, and aim your baby's jaw at the area where the milk is stasis during breastfeeding, so that the milk will be more easily sucked out.

2. Apply a hot towel to the breast before breastfeeding to trigger the lactation reflex.

3. Gently massage the breasts during breastfeeding to help the milk discharge

4. Cold compress the breasts after breastfeeding, but never use ice cubes. You can use cool cabbage leaves or cold gauze.