What are the hazards of holding urine frequently

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1. "Failure" of bladder urination

After holding back the urine for a long time, the bladder receptors become disordered, so it cannot be discharged when the water should be discharged, and the valve is opened when the water should not be discharged. I found that the bladder seemed to be unwilling.

2. Frequent urination

I often hold back my urine, the bladder detrusor becomes unstable, even when I don’t urinate much, I frequently want to go to the toilet.

3. Infection

Hold the urine for a long time, the urine in the bladder may flow up, causing hydronephrosis, affecting kidney function, and easily causing urinary tract infections.

4. Increased blood pressure

Holding the urine can also stimulate blood pressure to rise, and for people with high blood pressure, it is easy to cause rupture of cerebral blood vessels and bleeding.