Postpartum Recovery Check Timeline

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Generally, after the postpartum recovery, the doctor will explain to the patient the importance of the need to come back for review after recovery based on the mother's recovery at the time, and guide him to the time of return for review and what related tests should be done. For example, women with urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse need to use a pelvic floor rehabilitation device to train the pelvic floor muscles, supplemented by the rehabilitation device’s biofeedback technology, electrical stimulation and other technologies to restore the female pelvic floor function. Properly extend the course of treatment. After the course of treatment, they will usually be instructed to exercise their pelvic floor muscles at home. After 3 months, they will come back to review all aspects of their pelvic floor muscles, mainly to diagnose whether they are really recovering well, whether they need to continue to go home to exercise independently or not. If the symptoms are not fully recovered, it is necessary to continue the course of consolidation treatment, so as to truly solve the problem of disease recovery for the patient.