Why can't postpartum pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation be done after the second child?

2021-03-06 Read:

Why cant postpartum pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation be done after the second child?(图1)

Some young mothers may ask:

1. I am not leaking urine now, why do I need to exercise my pelvic floor muscles?

2. Not only do I have no urine leakage, but also no other problems. I can skip pelvic floor muscle repair.

3. I want to have a second child anyway, I can do it after the second child.

There are many mothers who have the same idea, but in fact it is not the case. Women do not pay attention to the repair of the pelvic floor muscles after the first child, and the damage is even greater in the second child. The pelvic floor muscle is a group of muscles at the bottom of the pelvic cavity. Like a hammock, it supports the bladder, uterus, rectum and other pelvic organs and has multiple physiological functions. The pelvic floor muscles can play sphincter functions such as bowel control and urinary control, support the bladder, uterus, rectum and other pelvic organs, improve sexual sensitivity and sexual satisfaction, and maintain vaginal tightening and vaginal environment.

Why cant postpartum pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation be done after the second child?(图2)

There are three stages of pelvic floor muscle relaxation in women:

1. During pregnancy

The abdominal pressure and the gravity of the pelvic organs make the pelvic floor muscles gradually relax under continuous pressure.

2. Delivery period

Before childbirth, the body will secrete relaxin to welcome childbirth; during natural childbirth, relaxin plus squeeze and expand, the muscles are completely relaxed and even damaged.

3. Menopause

Due to the sharp drop in hormone levels, pelvic floor problems will become more serious. Secondly, friends who have learned the basics of the pelvic floor know that in addition to pregnancy and childbirth, the factors that cause pelvic floor damage are also the basic diseases of age, weight, pelvic surgery history, and chronic cough causing increased abdominal pressure.

With the opening of the second-child policy, there will be more and more senior women. However, elder parturients are more prone to pelvic floor muscle relaxation due to low hormone levels, poor muscle elasticity and poor recovery ability. Many second-born mothers show up during pregnancy, leaking urine after coughing or sneezing, and in some serious cases, they have to pad diapers during the entire pregnancy.

Why cant postpartum pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation be done after the second child?(图3)

How to prevent such severe urinary incontinence after childbirth?

After a child is born, the pelvic floor muscles are in a relaxed or even damaged condition. At this time, it is necessary to seize the time to do repair training to reduce permanent damage. At the same time, it is necessary to actively exercise the pelvic floor muscles and maintain a good pelvic floor state. After the second childbirth, the proprioception of the pelvic floor muscles can be found quickly, and the muscles and nerves can be awakened more easily. The better the pelvic floor muscles recover, the incidence of pelvic floor muscle dysfunction diseases will be greatly reduced.

Here is a warning to all mothers, whether they are the first or second child, they need to actively participate in pelvic floor exercises, to stifle the problems of the pelvic floor such as urine leakage during pregnancy and postpartum in the cradle, and prevent various pelvic floor dysfunction problems in advance. Exercise is a compulsory course for women in a lifetime.