These 5 practices can exacerbate postpartum urine leakage

2021-03-17 Read:

These 5 practices can exacerbate postpartum urine leakage.(图1)

Most mothers will experience urine leakage during their lifetime. It may happen when you are pregnant; it may also happen in your confinement period; it may happen on a certain day when you run with your child; it may also happen at an awkward moment in marital life.

What are the mothers thinking when urine leakage occurs?

1. It's too private, it's embarrassing to say it

Some women feel that leakage of urine is a difficult and embarrassing thing after they realize that they are leaking urine. They dare not talk to their husbands, family members, or communicate with their girlfriends. It is easy to miss the best repair time period, and over time, oneself also begins to become anxious and depressed.

These 5 practices can exacerbate postpartum urine leakage(图2)

2. Always keep pads in the bag

Padded pads and sanitary napkins are indeed a good way to relieve the embarrassment of urine leakage. Many women first thought of using sanitary napkins when they first leaked urine. However, long-term padding of sanitary napkins not only affects normal family life, breeds bacteria and causes inflammation in the private parts, but also generates a significant cost.

3. It's not a disease, it's not a matter

Many middle-aged women, when they encounter urine leakage, think that this is a common problem for mothers who have given birth. But in fact, urinary control is a normal physiological function of humans. Does a normal woman really leak urine?

4. Stay away from social life

Exercise will leak urine, laughing will leak urine, and even shopping malls will leak urine. When urine leakage persists for a long time, some women will want to stay away from their social circle and reduce dating with their girlfriends, for fear that they will laugh at themselves. Every day they rely on perfume to conceal their special smell, which is easy to misunderstand and cause Social disorder, so urinary incontinence is also called "social cancer", which makes people lonely.

5. Fear of going to the hospital for surgery

When some women have urine leakage, they think that it may be a disease, but they don't think it is serious and don't want to face the problem squarely. Have to drag it until it becomes unbearable before doing the repair. Usually at this time, non-surgical repair methods can no longer play a big role, and can only go to the hospital to perform surgery.

These 5 practices can exacerbate postpartum urine leakage(图3)

What can I do when faced with leaking urine?

One of the cases of urine leakage is that the weakened or increased abdominal pressure of the support structure of the urethra cannot be simultaneously transmitted to the bladder and the proximal urethra, which affects the closure of the urethra, the urine flows out inadvertently, and the leakage of urine occurs. This is what we call pressure Urinary incontinence. Another situation is that the detrusor muscle is unstable, the nerves cannot control the outflow of urine, and the urine cannot be held, which eventually leads to the occurrence of urine leakage. This is what we call urge incontinence. Once urine leakage occurs, attention must be paid to early inspection and intervention, such as Kegel training, low-frequency electrical stimulation, and biofeedback, will help to obtain a more significant repair effect.