Will rectus abdominis separation treatment rebound?

Author:麻麻康 Time:2021-03-20 14:11:50 Arcclick:

At present, the clinical treatment of rectus abdominis separation mainly adopts non-surgical treatment methods such as electrical stimulation, manipulation, and autonomous training. Both electrical stimulation alone or in combination with manipulation therapy can achieve significant results. However, a small number of patients with rectus abdominis separation have been cured, but separation occurs again after a period of time.

In fact, rectus abdominis rehabilitation training does not complete once for all. Even if it has been completely resolved, if you do not pay attention to your lifestyle, it may cause recurrence of symptoms, but this situation is relatively rare in clinical practice.

In addition, patients can do some self-training at home, such as hip bridge, lateral abdominal exercises and so on.