How to solve the problem of postpartum low back pain?

2021-03-22 Read:

How to solve the problem of postpartum low back pain?(图1)

From pregnancy to childbirth, from childbirth to breastfeeding, women's bodies are being tested at every stage. Among them, the most direct impact is lumbago and backache. Why does every mother have back pain after giving birth?

How to solve the problem of postpartum low back pain?(图2)

1. Common causes of postpartum lumbago

Hormonal pain:

During pregnancy, relaxin secreted by the corpus luteum and placenta affects the ligaments and muscles around the pelvis and spine, resulting in decreased stability of the pelvis and spine, causing pelvic girdle and lower back pain.

Body type pain:

As the fetus develops, the abdominal circumference increases, and the stress on the pelvis and lumbar spine increases. Many expectant mothers have problems with lumbar protrusion and pelvic anterior tilt. Especially for some mothers who do not exercise regularly during pregnancy, the muscles around the spine are weakened, unable to stabilize and support the lumbar spine, which can lead to postpartum low back pain.

Tired pain:

Taking care of a baby is a physical task. Standing for a long time, squatting, bending over and hunching are the norms of most mothers. Incorrect breastfeeding posture will make mothers unable to relax due to long-term tension in the muscles, resulting in pain in the cervical and lumbar vertebrae.

Obesity pain:

Expectant mothers who gain too much weight during pregnancy are more likely to have low back pain. Excessive fetal size and weight will increase the stress on the pelvis and lumbar spine, and strengthen postural pain. At the same time, expectant mothers who over-release themselves during pregnancy will have an increased risk of rectus abdominis separation, which will increase the burden on the spine and cause postpartum low back pain.

Wind-chill pain:

Postpartum mothers suffer from wind and cold due to improper protection during the confinement period. The limbs of the mothers in the confinement period are wide open, and they are easily affected by the external wind, cold and damp toxins. Therefore, many mothers will experience low back pain after delivery. .

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2. How to prevent and relieve postpartum back pain?

  • Mothers-to-be in the stage of preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy should pay attention to daily exercise and do not lie down to raise a baby.

  • Don't overeating during pregnancy, eat regularly.

  • Pay attention to healthy diet after childbirth, avoid being greasy and not obese.

  • Be careful not to bend over when you have just given birth.

  • New mothers after childbirth should adopt correct breastfeeding and baby-holding positions, and do not hold their baby for a long time.

  • Pay attention to calcium supplement for yourself.

  • After childbirth, get out of bed and move your body in time when your body allows.

  • Don't start doing housework prematurely, let alone carry heavy objects.

  • Keep warm during confinement in winter and avoid wind and cold.

  • In addition to the above points, postpartum mothers can also perform local electrical stimulation on the waist in time for rehabilitation.