How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy?

2021-04-13 Read:

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The birth of a healthy baby requires the ingenious combination of sperm and egg at the right time, and scientific preparation for pregnancy is the foundation for giving birth to a healthy baby. The following knowledge about pregnancy preparation can be quickly obtained.

1. Emotional tension can also affect pregnancy

The female pituitary gland can secrete, release or promote the ovarian secretion of several influential hormones: prolactin, follicle stimulating hormone, estrogen, progesterone, and oxytocin. Nervous emotions can interfere with the pituitary gland and easily lead to ovulation dysfunction. If there is no mature egg to fertilize, of course, you have to pass by your baby.

2. The father-to-be stay away from high temperature environment

The testicles are very sensitive to temperature. If they are exposed to heat for a long time, sperm motility will decrease, the number of sperm will decrease, and even dead sperm will be caused. Therefore, father-to-be should try to avoid hot baths, overheated showers, saunas, and wearing tights. It is recommended that you avoid wearing underwear made of synthetic fibers. Also try not to put the laptop on your legs, so as not to cause the scrotum temperature to rise due to the heat emitted.

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3. Exercise the pelvic floor muscles when preparing for pregnancy

When preparing for pregnancy, the mother-to-be should properly train the pelvic floor muscles, which can promote pelvic blood circulation, promote endometrial growth, and help conception. In addition, it can activate the pelvic floor muscles, strengthen the elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles, make delivery more smooth, and prevent postpartum urinary incontinence and uterine and vaginal prolapse.

4. Eating too much sugar is not easy to conceive

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that the intake of carbohydrates in the daily diet is related to the probability of pregnancy. Among them, compared with women with lower total glycemic load in the diet, women with higher total glycemic load have a 14% lower chance of pregnancy. Compared with the women who consumed the least added sugar, the women who consumed the most added sugar had a 17% lower chance of getting pregnant. Therefore, in the diet, mothers-to-be can use whole grains and miscellaneous beans to replace white rice and white noodles, reduce blood sugar fluctuations after meals, reduce the frequency of eating sweets, and supplement the body functions in order to give birth to a strong baby.

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5. Turning on the lights to sleep is not conducive to conception

Turn on the night light to sleep, the light will inhibit the body's melatonin production, and melatonin plays a very key role in protecting female eggs from free radical erosion. Women who are preparing for pregnancy must pay attention to avoid turning on the night light to sleep. It is best to create a dark and quiet sleeping environment to ensure adequate sleep.

6. Do oral examination in time

Many expectant mothers do pre-pregnancy check-ups, but they often miss the oral cavity. During pregnancy, the immunity is reduced, and periodontal bacteria and tooth decay bacteria in the oral cavity are easy to take advantage of the deficiency. Especially the estrogen secreted by the pregnant mother increases, and the periodontal bacteria will also increase. The chance of suffering from periodontal disease is normal. Several times. Therefore, during pregnancy, if you deal with dental problems in time, you can avoid dental sins during pregnancy, and you can eat it.

7. Abstinence outside the ovulation period is not conducive to conception

Most pregnant couples know that the chance of conception is the highest during the ovulation period. Therefore, many couples adopt an abstinence policy outside the ovulation period. However, it is not that the longer the abstinence, the better and stronger the quality of the sperm will be. Instead, the sperm that has been produced and waiting to meet the egg will age and even die while waiting to be absorbed. It is recommended to have sex two to three times a week during pregnancy, and the ovulation period should be appropriately increased.