Best Ways Dads Can Help a New Mom!

2021-04-21 Read:

Best Ways Dads Can Help a New Mom!(图1)

When a child is born, a lot of trivial matters are added to a family, and novice mothers often feel exhausted. At this time, the father should step forward and help his wife as much as he can, and take better care of the baby together.

1. Create conditions for mothers to recuperate

Postpartum mothers are weak, especially in the first week of delivery, fathers should try their best to create conditions for mothers to recuperate, and mothers will accompany and support them when they go to the toilet.

2. Help mother breastfeed

The father can take care of the baby after the mother feeds, hiccup the baby, change the diaper, and comfort the baby.

3. Help mom clean up personal hygiene

Dad can help mother wipe the body and take care of the wound carefully to prevent infection from affecting the body's recovery.

4. Accompany the mother after childbirth to exercise properly

The father can properly supervise and accompany the mother to get out of bed and do some simple exercises to stretch the limbs, which is conducive to the recovery of the mother's uterus and helps the discharge of lochia from the body.

5. Give mom psychological counseling in time

Due to the influence of postpartum hormones, mothers will inevitably have mood swings. Dad must learn to listen and comfort, and learn to act as a mediator of family relationships.

6. Take mother for checkup 42 days after delivery

42 days after delivery, the father will accompany the postpartum mother to the hospital for check-ups and visits.