You need to know about postpartum sex after birth

2021-04-21 Read:

You need to know about postpartum sex after birth(图1)

After giving birth, women need to undergo a long period of conditioning to recover slowly. Moreover, some women feel very uncomfortable and painful when they have sex for the first time after giving birth. It turns out that the first sex after giving birth is not as simple as you think.

1. Why don't you want to have sex after childbirth

  • Too tired

Novice mothers have just experienced childbirth and will inevitably consume a lot of energy. At this time, you have to immediately devote yourself to the daily routine of taking care of your baby. Both your physical strength and energy will be overdrawn. While exhausted, you will naturally lose your sexual interest.

  • Wound condition

Different production methods, different suture methods, individual differences, etc. lead to different wound healing. The healing time is different, the size of the scar, the size of the induration, etc., and the mother’s satisfaction is also different. These will cause physical and psychological impacts, which will affect postpartum sexual health.

You need to know about postpartum sex after birth(图2)

  • Dry and loose vagina

Due to the decrease of estrogen and the increase of prolactin after childbirth, vaginal dryness, reduced secretions, and pain during sex are easy. In addition to the process of pregnancy and childbirth, the growth of the fetus is easy to continuously apply pressure to the mother's pelvic floor. Whether it is a normal delivery or a cesarean delivery, it will cause damage to the pelvic floor muscles, affect the expansion force of the vagina, and cause vaginal relaxation. The pleasure of sex also disappeared.

  •  Loss of self-confidence

After giving birth to the baby, stretch marks, big belly, sagging breasts, these sequelae of pregnancy make mothers feel unconfident, it is difficult to let go of themselves, so inevitably there will be sexual frigidity.


2. Precautions for sex after childbirth

  • You can have sex after 6 weeks after delivery

Avoid sex within 6 weeks after delivery, because this stage belongs to the puerperium, and the uterus and reproductive organs have not returned to normal, and intercourse is likely to cause infection.

  •  Be gentle

Postpartum mothers need time to recover. At this time, they should pay more attention to prevent re-injury to the reproductive organs. In addition, the vaginal mucosa is relatively fragile. Take a gentle posture when making love. The movements should be gentle and moderate. Caressing and communication can be used appropriately. Agent.

You need to know about postpartum sex after birth(图3)

  • Cleaning must be in place

There may be wounds on the reproductive organs of the mother after childbirth, so before having sex, both husband and wife should do a good job of cleaning. In particular, Bao Da must ensure cleanliness and wash with warm water to avoid bringing bacteria into the vagina.

  • Complete the pelvic floor muscle examination as soon as possible

Novice mothers have to go to the hospital for an examination 42 days postpartum, especially for assessment of pelvic floor muscle function, to understand the degree of damage, and timely treatment and rehabilitation. Only when the pelvic floor muscles recover and strengthen as soon as possible, improve the symptoms of vaginal relaxation, and postpartum sex Fortune is just around the corner.

  • There needs to be more communication between the novice dad and novice mother

Changes in postpartum roles, changes in the environment, and the psychological factors of the new mother all need to be adjusted slowly. As a husband, don’t just satisfy your own personal desires, but take the initiative to take on housework, be considerate and caring for your wife, communicate with each other and overcome Psychological obstacles can regain the pre-pregnancy happiness.

  • Pay attention to contraception

Ovulation during lactation is irregular, so don't think that you don't need contraception before menstruation is restored, so take preventive measures.