What causes postpartum back pain? How to get relieve?

2021-04-27 Read:

What causes postpartum back pain? How to get relieve?(图1)

It is said that more than 90% of mothers will have symptoms of low back pain, so what is the cause of this annoying low back pain?

First, why do you have low back pain after childbirth?

1. Loose pelvic ligaments

In order to welcome the baby during pregnancy, the mother's body will automatically secrete serum Relaxin, so that the ligaments connecting the pelvis will become loose. This effect can last up to three months after delivery. The loose ligaments will reduce the stability of the spine vertebral body joints. If the ligaments that protect the lumbar spine are loose, you will feel back pain.

2. Loss of calcium

During childbirth, mothers consume a lot of calcium. If they are breastfeeding mothers, calcium loss will be aggravated, which will cause low back pain.

3. Improper feeding posture

During breastfeeding, if you often adopt improper or unrelaxed postures, such as sideways, bending over, or tight waistbands, it is easy to make the waist muscles in an unrelaxed state and cause pain.

4. Less activities after childbirth

After giving birth to the baby, the mother spends much time with the bed, and her weight also rises. The waist has to bear more weight from the abdomen, which will naturally be "stressed" and pain will follow.

What causes postpartum back pain? How to get relieve?(图2)

5. Uterine prolapse

When the postpartum pelvic floor muscles are damaged, the uterus may depart from its original position. As the vagina moves downward, the displacement and stretching of the uterus will cause low back pain.

Second, how to relieve back pain

1. Assess pelvic floor function

Mothers can go to the hospital for pelvic floor function assessment 42 days after delivery. If the pelvic floor muscles are damaged, rehabilitation is required.

2. Appropriate calcium supplementation

Eat more calcium-rich foods, such as seafood, milk, and dark green vegetables; while supplementing calcium, don't forget to supplement vitamin D to promote calcium absorption. Sun exposure is a good way to supplement vitamin D. Spend 20 to 30 minutes a day to expose your legs, arms or back in the sun.

3. Adopt correct breastfeeding posture

When sitting and breastfeeding, you can use a breastfeeding pad and step on a small bench under your feet; use squatting instead of bending over; when sitting, place a cushion on the back and pay attention to the posture of holding the baby, etc., which will help reduce the pressure on the lumbar spine

What causes postpartum back pain? How to get relieve?(图3)

4. Combination of work and rest

Mothers can walk and walk appropriately to avoid further accumulation of fat in the abdomen and relieve the symptoms of low back pain.

5. Avoid lifting heavy objects

Avoid lifting heavy objects or carrying heavy objects on your back, so as not to cause uterine prolapse and low back pain. Mothers should pay more attention to their bodies after childbirth. If the symptoms have not been relieved, they should seek medical treatment in time.