Postnatal Hair Loss: The Three Best Treatment

2021-05-10 Read:

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90% of mothers will suffer from hair loss after giving birth. What are the reasons for postpartum hair loss? How to solve postpartum hair loss?

Postpartum hair loss often occurs between 2 to 7 months postpartum. It is characterized by spontaneous hair loss at the hairline, which causes the hairline to recede or become unclear, and the overall head hair becomes thinner. This phenomenon is medically called "parturient alopecia". The reason is roughly related to the following four factors.

1. Changes in hormone levels

When the level of estrogen is high, the metabolism of hair slows down, on the contrary, the speed of hair renewal will increase. The increased amount of estrogen in pregnant mothers delays the loss of hair that should have fallen out during pregnancy. After the baby is born, the estrogen content in mommy's body begins to decrease, and its hormone ratio gradually returns to the normal balance state before pregnancy, causing those delayed hair loss to fall off, and new hair cannot grow out for a while. Causes hair thinning accompanied by itchy scalp and increased dandruff.

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2. Stimulation of mental factors

Pregnant mothers have been in a state of tension from the time of labor to the postpartum, and they are extremely fatigued. In addition, breastfeeding and taking care of the baby will affect their sleep. These factors are the reasons for hair loss. When the hair falls off, Mommy will feel anxious and uneasy, which will cause mental stimulation. This cycle will not stop, resulting in more and more hair loss.

3. Unbalanced nutrition supply

Because pregnancy and childbirth are a huge consumption process for women, a lot of nutritional supplements are required for the recovery of the body after delivery and the nursing of the baby. If moms have poor digestion and absorption, or their diets are too monotonous, or have a partial eclipse, or even some moms diet in order to maintain a slim figure after childbirth, nutritional deficiencies or nutritional imbalances are likely to occur, leading to protein, vitamins or Insufficient supply of minerals affects hair growth and metabolism.

4. Improper hair care

During confinement, some moms dare not wash and comb their hair, so that the sebum secretions and dust of the scalp will mix and accumulate, which not only affects the blood supply to the head, but also easily causes folliculitis or scalp infection, which increases the chance of hair loss. .

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Mitigation method

1. Nutrition should be strengthened, not picky eaters, partial eclipses and taboos. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, animal protein, seafood, beans, eggs, etc. to meet the nutritional needs of the hair and body.  

2. Choose mild shampoos that suit you, and wash your hair regularly. When shampooing, you should gently groom in the direction of hair growth under the shower, do not gather all to the front or scrub your forehead vigorously from behind the pillow.

3. Frequently comb your hair with a wooden comb, or use your fingers to massage and stimulate the scalp rhythmically, which can promote the blood circulation of the scalp, benefit the metabolism of the hair and accelerate the growth of new hair.