Hives after Pregnancy: Reasons, SIgns & Treatment

2021-05-28 Read:

Hives after Pregnancy: Reasons, SIgns & Treatment(图1)

Maternity does not need to eliminate all additive foods, but the doctor’s words are of some reference. From a certain clinical point of view, you can eat less additive foods, because it is possible that the toxins that should not be absorbed are absorbed into the blood circulation, and they are not normal. Excretion, siltation in the body, and an outbreak of symptoms on the body surface stimulated by external factors

1. Identify allergens

Observe whether there is always an allergen that makes your skin allergic. Finding the allergen and staying away from the allergen is the fastest and most direct way to treat skin allergies. Skin allergies are caused by allergens. After staying away from the allergens, the skin will slowly recover. Remember not to scratch or scratch with your hands to prevent further skin damage. At the same time, pay attention to opening windows for ventilation to keep the air unblocked.

Hives after Pregnancy: Reasons, SIgns & Treatment(图2)

2. Pay attention to environment and food hygiene

Paying attention to hygiene in summer is the most important preventive measure to avoid contact with allergens. Normally, you should maintain indoor ventilation, regularly clean the ground, remove moldy items, avoid accumulation of books and newspapers, install dust filters for the ventilation system, and use a dehumidifier to reduce humidity to prevent homes And common allergens in the environment such as dust mites, house dust, second-hand smoke, mold, pet dander, pollen, etc.

3. Eat more anti-allergic foods

Anti-allergic food contains chemicals that can form an allergy shield in the body. Eating more of these foods can avoid allergies to a certain extent. Anti-allergic foods include red dates, tea leaves, white fungus, Xin Yi flowers and so on.