Sex After Birth: How Long After Birth Can You Have Sex?

2021-05-17 Read:

Sex After Birth: How Long After Birth Can You Have Sex?(图1)

After a long period of abstinence during pregnancy, many couples can't wait to start sex after childbirth. However, according to statistics, marriage breakdowns caused by the disharmonious sexual life of couples during pregnancy and after childbirth abound. So, how long is it appropriate to start sex after childbirth?

1. What should be paid attention to in the life of couples after delivery?

  •  You can consider recovery 6 weeks after delivery

Generally, a postpartum review is done six weeks postpartum. The doctor assesses that the new mother's body organs are recovering well. At the same time, it must be judged according to the uterine involution and whether the postpartum woman is in good physical and mental conditions, so that the sexual life can be resumed properly. Normal delivery and cesarean section are the same, except that the wound of cesarean section is in the abdomen and the wound of normal delivery is in the vagina.

  • Let the uterus, cervix and vagina fully recover

The damage to the new mother is still greater if you start your husband and wife life too early after childbirth. The inability to start sexual life early is to reduce injury and infection. From the uterus, cervix to vagina, the entire repair process takes about 42 days or more, so you cannot resume sexual life prematurely after delivery.

  •  Beware of infection or psychological shadows

If you have sex early, because male genital organs carry bacteria, easy retrograde infection may cause pelvic inflammation such as vaginitis and cervicitis. If the postpartum sex life is not dealt with properly, it is easy for the mother to cause psychological shadows due to various worries for a long time, which can cause depression, anxiety, etc., and also hurt the couple's feelings.

Sex After Birth: How Long After Birth Can You Have Sex?(图2)

2. Why is the sex life of husband and wife discordant after childbirth?

  • The vagina is loose and dry, and the lochia is not clean

Vagina is dry, it will be painful when the couple is living with friction; the vagina is loose, and the vagina expands to 10cm during the normal delivery; the lochia is not clear, and it usually takes 4-6 weeks to completely clean up; tired and anxious, unable to truly engage in married life.

  • Invest in childcare and ignore the life of couples

Some couples are too devoted to caring for the baby, neglecting the feelings between the couples, they must learn to change roles, and they can participate in a pleasant sex life while taking care of the baby. This requires constant adjustment and balance.

  •  Estrogen has not returned to normal

Since estrogen is not fully restored to normal after childbirth, vaginal dryness is not lubricated enough, vaginal and pelvic floor relaxation is not restored, and women are not so sensitive, it is difficult to achieve orgasm in postpartum sex.

  • Reduced demand, not obstacles

For men, some have been abstinent for too long, some have been over-committed to the role of father, and it may be due to the birth of a baby, which will show a decrease in sexual demand, but it is not necessarily a sexual disorder.

3. What should be paid attention to after childbirth contraception?

  • Suitable contraceptive measures

a. Use condoms

b. Do ligation

c. It is not advisable to take oral contraceptives (breastfeeding mothers)

d. Safety period or in vitro excretion (but there is a risk of contraceptive failure),

  • Ovulation may be possible without recovery of menstruation

For mothers who have not breastfed, the entire endocrine system has been restored 6 to 10 weeks after delivery, and menstruation and ovulation can be restored. Breastfeeding mothers may not return to ovulation so quickly. The uncertainty is relatively large. Individual differences in the situation and time of ovulation recovery are still It's very big. Sometimes the menstrual period does not come but the ovulation has occurred from time to time, so we must do a good job of contraception.

  • The risk of early pregnancy after childbirth is high

If the body of the mother after delivery, especially the cesarean section, is not fully recovered, the embryos are easily planted on the cesarean section scar during the second pregnancy, and abortion is necessary. At this time, the abortion will cause hemorrhage due to the poor contraction ability of the uterine scar, and even life-threatening.