Postpartum Depression and How Do I Deal With It?

2021-05-22 Read:

Postpartum Depression and How Do I Deal With It? (图1)

Postpartum depression is a mental illness that may occur in women after childbirth. The patient will feel very sad and desperate, low self-worth, and even unable to take good care of the baby and establish a good parent-child relationship. Postpartum depression is not simply a low mood. The latter usually disappears within a few weeks. The symptoms of postpartum depression can last for several months and have long-term effects on oneself, family, and children.

There are different reasons for depression, such as changing roles, taking care of children, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship, and disharmony in married life. Mothers have a series of physical changes. For example, mothers who gave birth through the birth canal, due to pelvic floor muscle laxity or laxity of the birth canal, scar pain during perineal laceration or lateral incision, which affects the quality of life of couples after childbirth. Husbands should pay more attention to his wife’s postpartum body Circumstances, don't have sex too frequently to avoid wound pain, which will cause Baoma's psychological fear.

Postpartum Depression and How Do I Deal With It? (图2)

Therefore, we must correctly face a series of problems after the arrival of the child. At the same time, family members should take care of the mother in every possible way. When the parturient is irritable, anxious, and prone to tantrums, the husband should give comfort and persuasion. Once the mother has the various manifestations mentioned above, she must go to a hospital near her home for medical treatment as soon as possible, and must not hinder face and conceal her condition to avoid delay in treatment. Occasionally taking a walk and chatting with friends is also very good for changing moods.

At the same time, there are the following suggestions in life:

1. Health and psychological care.

2. Handle the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law and take care of children.

3. Concerned about Baoma's postpartum physical rehabilitation, it is recommended to perform early pelvic floor rehabilitation exercises to improve the function of the pelvic floor muscles and avoid postpartum urine leakage, prolapse, sexual dysfunction and other problems.