What is premature ovarian failure?

2021-05-31 Read:

What is premature ovarian failure?(图1)

Ovary breeds life, so what conditions will accelerate ovarian aging?

1. Don't give birth or give birth too late

The age of 24 to 29 is the age for the best egg quality. From the age of 30, ovarian function begins to decline, and women do not ovulate during pregnancy. This can save a batch of follicles and give the ovaries time to rest and rest. Not having children may cause Early menopause.


2. Pelvic infection

Bacteria and viruses infect the pelvic cavity, which may cause inflammation and damage of the ovaries, or due to long-term chronic inflammation, the internal organs of the pelvic cavity may be adhered, and the blood supply of the ovaries may decrease and the follicles may die.

3. Miscarriage

Abortion will cause a sudden drop in hormone levels in a woman's body, affecting the living environment of the egg, thereby affecting its quality and vitality

What is premature ovarian failure?(图2)

4. Abuse of supplements

Many women use various supplements to protect their ovaries. In fact, they contain a lot of estrogen. Long-term use can cause endocrine disorders and affect pregnancy.

5. Excessive dieting to lose weight

Excessive dieting will cause body fat to drop rapidly. Insufficient body fat will lead to insufficient estrogen synthesis, and reduction of estrogen will cause menstrual disorders and even amenorrhea. If things go on like this, it will cause premature ovarian failure.

6. Stay up late

Often staying up late will make women's hormone secretion disorders, and abnormal levels of estrogen and progesterone, which will affect ovarian function and egg quality.

 7. High mental pressure

Women have been in a state of tension, anxiety, and depression for a long time, and the cerebral cortex cannot give instructions correctly, thereby inhibiting the normal ovulation function of the ovaries. To improve ovarian function, in addition to the above 8 precautions, you can properly supplement folic acid, vitamin E, soybeans, and lily to improve ovarian nutrition.