Is It Normal to Have Back Pain After a C-Section?

2021-06-02 Read:

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Postpartum low back pain is a very common phenomenon. Many mothers will feel different degrees of back pain after giving birth. There are many reasons for postpartum low back pain, and caesarean section is a major cause. The prevention of postpartum low back pain is very important. Novice mothers should never take the temporary backaches seriously. If this continues for a long time, it will cause severe inflammation and affect the health of the body.

Many novice mothers who have undergone a C-section often attribute their low back pain to anesthesia puncture, and some people feel that they have not done well in confinement. In fact, these understandings are relatively one-sided, and low back pain after childbirth is very complicated. The problem is that the cause of back pain is different for every mother who has a C-section.

1. Back pain after caesarean section is related to postpartum ligament laxity, hormonal changes, lack of exercise and so on

Due to changes in hormone levels after childbirth, the lower back muscles and fascial ligaments are in a relaxed state. If the mother is breastfeeding or eating incorrectly, it will cause chronic micro-damage of the lower back fascia and ligaments, which will cause low back pain. It takes time to recover slowly. You can use a hot water bottle to compress or massage to relieve symptoms.

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2. The surgical treatment during caesarean section damages the muscles and nerves of the waist

During a caesarean section, epidural anesthesia is required, and a puncture on the waist will cause certain damage to the muscles, ligaments or nerves of the waist. This will take time to recover slowly. You can use a hot water bottle or massage. Relieve symptoms.

3. Calcium deficiency and abdominal muscle separation

Sometimes calcium deficiency may cause backaches and backaches, and calcium needs to be supplemented in time. Another reason is that the abdominal muscles are loose and separated, and the pelvic ligaments are loose, which can also cause pain. Due to the increased support of the lumbar muscles, the back pain caused by the separation of the rectus abdominis, you can go to a regular hospital for rectus abdominis repair. After the repair, the symptoms of the back pain will be significantly reduced.

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4. Tips for mothers

First, proper calcium supplementation after delivery. The main reason for postpartum low back pain is the lack of calcium in the body. If you eat more foods high in calcium after delivery, you can avoid postpartum low back pain caused by calcium deficiency.

Second, proper exercise after childbirth, you can try walking backwards, walking backwards can make a person's center of gravity move back, exercise the waist muscles to relieve pain, and correct the symptoms of spine curvature and lumbar lordosis.

Third, pay attention to the warmth of the waist. The postpartum body is very weak, and the head and waist should be kept warm to avoid illness caused by cold.

Fourth, avoid lumbar muscle injury. If the lumbar muscles are always in a state of not relaxing, the lumbar muscles will be injured. Therefore, you should avoid carrying heavy objects after delivery and adopt the correct posture to feed your baby.

There are many reasons for postpartum low back pain. Generally speaking, postpartum low back pain can recover on its own. However, in the process of postpartum recuperation, mothers should also actively prevent some postpartum diseases to avoid deterioration, which will affect their normal life in the future.