What are the benefits of postpartum massage?

2021-06-28 Read:

What are the benefits of postpartum massage? (图1)

For postpartum mothers, due to overwork after giving birth, some parts of the body are prone to discomfort symptoms such as soreness. In addition, the body needs to recover. Tuina massage can relieve soreness and promote the recovery of body parts. So how long can I perform massage after childbirth, and what are the benefits of massage? Today we will take a look together.

1. Abdominal massage

Abdominal massage can be performed after half a month of normal delivery. Cesarean section has a wound on the stomach. In order to avoid the wound being affected by the massage, it can be performed after one month. The postpartum abdomen massage therapy for parturient women can effectively promote uterine contractions, discharge lochia, prevent tissue residues, and shorten the time of urination and anal exhaust, prevent urinary retention, reduce postpartum hemorrhage, and facilitate uterine involution.

In addition, abdominal massage can also reduce stretch marks, the purpose of which is to resist the traction of weight gain on the skin, promote blood circulation, and reduce edema. When a new mother is performing a massage, it is best to apply some lotion or pregnancy cream for massage, otherwise the symptoms may be aggravated. Wash your hands before massage, squeeze an appropriate amount of pregnancy cream on your hands, then gently apply to the stretch marks, and massage gently.

2. Waist massage

Postpartum low back pain refers to women's postpartum lumbosacral pain, which can be accompanied by radiating pain in the buttocks and lower limbs, and clinical symptoms mainly involving pain. Abdominal massage can be performed after half a month of normal delivery. Cesarean section can be performed only after one month in order to avoid wounds on the stomach due to wounds during the massage.

Waist massage can fully correct the biomechanical imbalance of the spine in postpartum women, improve local blood circulation, promote inflammation absorption, and relieve waist pain.

What are the benefits of postpartum massage? (图2)

3. Breast massage

Breast massage can be performed after the child is born. Standard postpartum breast massage can significantly increase the maternal lactation, effectively delay the decrease of serum prolactin level, facilitate early lactation and more lactation, and can effectively relieve symptoms such as postpartum swelling and pain. .

Shoulder and neck massage can be performed after giving birth to a child. It can improve the blood circulation of the neck, increase the strength of the neck muscles, maintain the elasticity of the ligaments, and strengthen the stability of the small joints of the cervical spine. Long-term adherence can make the neck flexible, and can effectively prevent stiff neck, cervical spondylosis, headache, dizziness, neck, shoulder and arm pain, numbness and other diseases.