How to solve eczema during pregnancy

2021-08-09 Read:

How to solve eczema during pregnancy(图1)

Eczema is mostly distributed on the belly or limbs, which seriously affects the quality of life of pregnant women. The following methods can be effectively alleviated:

1. Replenishing water

When the water content of the skin is low, various skin problems are easy to find. Therefore, moisturizing work must be done in time to not only relieve the eczema that has grown, but also prevent new eczema.

2. Proper bath water temperature

Pregnant women with eczema are not recommended to bathe in high-temperature water. Avoid prolonged soaking and washing. Try to avoid things that dry the skin such as soap or shower gel. You should choose high-moisturizing toiletries.

3. Grease film repair

Pregnant women with mild illness can use safe moisturizers or moisturizers containing 3%~10% urea or lactic acid amine, another 1%~2% menthol, 10% camphor or polydocanol and other antipruritic agents It is also safer for pregnant mothers.

4. Local topical medication

Choose the drug and dosage form according to the skin lesions: if there is no obvious exudation or not much exudation in the acute stage, use calamine lotion; if there is more exudation, choose boric acid wet compress.

5. Topical glucocorticoids

Due to the controversy regarding the long-term effects of steroids in the treatment of skin diseases by pregnant women on the fetus, pregnant mothers with severe eczema can simultaneously use weakly effective glucocorticoid creams, such as hydrocortisone butyrate cream and desonide cream. The skin lesions improved more obviously. But pay attention to the dosage of external hormone ointment should not be too large, and the medication time should not be too long (usually not more than 5 days).