Breastfeeding Problems - Effective and Safe Solutions

2021-08-19 Read:

Breastfeeding Problems - Effective and Safe Solutions(图1)

In the process of becoming a novice mother, there are always countless challenges and obstacles. With the arrival of the child, after the first skin-to-skin contact with the mother, he will immediately enter the first challenge-breastfeeding.

In recent years, more and more places have advocated breastfeeding. One is to cultivate the close relationship between the child and the mother, and the other is that breastmilk contains natural nutrients. Adhering to breastfeeding can not only provide enough nutrition for the baby, but also lay down lifelong immunity. Basically, it protects the baby’s health, promotes Baoma’s postpartum recovery, reduces postpartum hemorrhage, and also reduces Baoma’s risk of breast cancer.

Moms want to give their babies the best, but breastfeeding is far more difficult than imagined. There are many reasons that affect mothers' breastfeeding, such as lack of sleep caused by frequent night milk, medication during lactation, busy work, and even repeated painful breast diseases.

1. Breast swelling and pain

Some postpartum mothers often report that they always feel breast swelling in the morning, and they feel pain when pressing, and there are lumps in the painful position, and the milk output from the nipple is significantly reduced. This is a sign of mastitis, which is a milder symptom. The baby's sucking is not affected.

2. Redness and swelling on the breast, milk has been yellow and pus color

There is a piece of red skin on the right breast and it is painful when pressed. In this case, the breasts are usually painful at the beginning, and instead of seeking professional guidance and dredging in time, they violently press the breasts by themselves, causing the stasis milk to become inflamed and deteriorated.

3. Unexplained high fever

A breastfeeding mother did not have a cold, but she suddenly had a fever without finding the cause. At this time, her breasts felt hot. This is a fever caused by breast inflammation. It needs to be dredged in time and even requires medication to reduce the fever.

What can be done to prevent the occurrence of mastitis?

Correct breastfeeding posture: When the mother is breastfeeding, keep the baby's body close to the mother as much as possible, make the baby's mouth as wide as possible, and wrap the mother's nipples and most of the areola, so that the baby can suck the breast milk. The breastfeeding process will go smoothly.

The breasts must be emptied in time and correctly. Some mothers have more milk and the baby’s stomach capacity is relatively small. At this time, mothers need to work hard. They must use a breast pump to empty the milk in time to avoid milk stasis and cause mastitis. The above are a few suggestions to avoid mastitis. I hope all mothers can stay away from breast cancer.