The Best Exercises to Prepare for Labor and Childbirth

2021-08-17 Read:

The Best Exercises to Prepare for Labor and Childbirth(图1)

For mothers, proper exercise during pregnancy is conducive to smooth delivery.

Walking is the best exercise to enhance cardiovascular function. Walking can keep pregnant women healthy without spraining their knees and ankles. It is safe to walk throughout the pregnancy. Sports-specific clothing often has the function of absorbing sweat and dissipating heat, which can avoid the discomfort caused by non-sweat-absorbent materials. Elastic sports clothing is also conducive to physical activity and stretching.

The heart rate during exercise should be within 140 beats per minute. If it exceeds this range, the mother’s blood flow will be higher and the blood vessels may not be able to load. Avoid jumping and concussive movements. Concussive or jumping movements can easily make the mother's center of gravity unstable. If she slips or collides with an object, it will easily cause the fetus to collide and cause uterine contractions or break water, or even premature delivery. Avoid exercising when the weather is hot and muggy. Exercising in excessively hot weather may cause heatstroke to the mother-to-be. Some experts pointed out that the most suitable temperature for exercise is about 26℃~27℃.

In addition, pelvic floor muscle training during pregnancy can prevent pelvic floor dysfunction diseases such as urinary incontinence during pregnancy, and at the same time contribute to the smooth delivery. Strong pelvic floor muscles can shorten the labor process, reduce strains and lateral cuts, and accelerate postpartum healing and body shape. recover.