There's Help for Women Who Can't Achieve Orgasm

2021-11-03 Read:

Theres Help for Women Who Cant Achieve Orgasm(图1)

To measure the quality of sexual life, women’s sensitivity is one of the important prerequisites. If women have low sensitivity to sex, then the pleasure of both parties will be greatly reduced; on the contrary, if the sensitivity is high, it can improve the quality of sexual life, help improve the relationship between both parties, and enjoy the pleasure of high-quality sex life.

1. What is sensitivity?

The main manifestation of low sensitivity is difficulty in reaching orgasm, that is, no response to sexual stimulation under the premise of sexual desire, difficulty in reaching orgasm, lack of sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

2. Reasons for low sensitivity

1. The female sexual arousal response, such as the sensitivity of the clitoris and vagina, depends on the integrity of the blood vessel and nervous system. If these two systems are damaged, it will affect the sensitivity of the clitoris and vagina. For example, pelvic diseases can cause a decrease in vaginal lubricating fluid, peripheral nerve damage from diabetes or multiple sclerosis, and muscle and nerve damage caused by pelvic surgery, all of which may cause low sensitivity in women. As women get older, the level of estrogen in the body will continue to decline, genital atrophy will occur, pelvic congestion will decrease, and the vagina will be drier, resulting in physiologically unable to respond to the sexual needs of a partner.

2. In postpartum women, due to pregnancy and childbirth, pelvic floor muscles are torn or thinned, vaginal contractility decreases, hormone levels change in the body, vaginal secretions decrease, and postpartum depression may occur, which will lead to decreased libido and decreased sexual pleasure .

3. Psychological anxiety, depression, grief and other emotional problems may lead to women's lack of interest in sexual life, and there are many psychological factors that cause these. For example, family education or religious beliefs are relatively conservative since childhood; have had unpleasant sexual experiences, including sexual abuse, sexual assault, etc.; work pressure is heavy, overworked and strained; relationship with partner is not harmonious, lack of love, etc.

3. Sensitivity solutions

1. For women whose estrogen level drops after childbirth, supplementing a certain amount of estrogen or using artificial lubricants can improve vaginal dryness, pain during sexual intercourse, and increase sensitivity.

2. Both partners try to find out the cause together through good communication. For lack of attractiveness to sexual partners (including both sexual and emotional aspects), sexual boredom, emotional depression, uneasy thoughts related to sexual arousal, negligence and distraction of sexual feelings, through professional psychological counseling, targeted psychological treatment guide.

3. Both parties use sensory and sexy home exercises to encourage women to relax fully during the sexual experience to improve sensitivity. Specific methods include sexy concentrated training, genital stimulation training, and non-demand sexual intercourse training.

4. The pelvic floor muscles participate in the process of sexual intercourse. Therefore, strengthening the pelvic floor muscle training can better control the pelvic floor muscle movement, increase the degree of sexual excitement and persistence, and improve and enhance the quality of sexual life.

Electrical stimulation training: pelvic floor injury can cause female sexual dysfunction, especially orgasm. Use neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy instrument to relax the pelvic floor muscles and relieve the spasm and tension of the vaginal muscles. Regarding the sexual perception disorder caused by vaginal relaxation, the neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy instrument is used to stimulate the pelvic floor muscle contraction of class I and class II, improve the state of vaginal relaxation and improve the quality of sexual life.

Biofeedback therapy: With the help of the biofeedback training function of the pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation instrument, the pelvic floor muscle tension and contractility are enhanced through active contraction training, the vaginal systolic pressure is increased, the bladder is controlled, and the pelvic floor muscles can be recovered, urinary incontinence can be cured, and pelvic organs can be relieved. Prolapse, the purpose of improving the quality of sexual life.