Lower Abdominal Pain During Sex

2021-11-22 Read:

Lower Abdominal Pain During Sex(图1)

Harmonious sex life can be pleasant to the body and mind, but some women experience discomfort after having sex with the lower abdomen. Why does this happen?

What are the causes of lower abdominal pain after having sex?

1. Uterine contractions

Women feel paroxysmal pain in the lower abdomen when they have sex, which may be caused by the spasm and contraction of the vagina to the uterine muscles after reaching the high point of sexual excitement. This kind of abdominal pain is self-healing and disappears quickly after resting.

2. Pelvic congestion syndrome

During menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy, and sexual life, the blood supply to the various organs of the pelvic cavity is relatively sufficient, which increases the probability of pelvic congestion. The discomfort caused by this kind of congestion is mainly manifested as lower abdomen and pelvic pain, low back pain, deep intercourse pain, heavy menstrual flow, increased leucorrhea, and fewer positive signs in gynecological examination. For those with mild symptoms, you can change the supine position to the side position, control sexual intercourse, and do appropriate physical exercises to increase pelvic muscle tone and improve pelvic blood circulation; for severe symptoms, surgery can be considered.

3. Pelvic endometriosis

The main manifestation of endometriosis is abdominal pain. In addition to this kind of abdominal pain may appear during sex, it may also be accompanied by obvious dysmenorrhea, low back pain, and a feeling of tenes and falling after defecation. This method of relieving abdominal pain is mainly medication and surgery. Drug therapy uses hormones to inhibit the proliferation of the endometrium, so as to relieve pain, but it does not cure the symptoms. Surgical treatment, especially for deep endometriosis lesions, is even more difficult to remove than malignant tumors, and there is no guarantee that there will be no recurrence after surgery.

4. Rupture of the corpus luteum

Abdominal pain caused by rupture of the corpus luteum occurs mostly when the corpus luteum is formed in the second half of the menstrual cycle, and is often related to sexual life and strenuous exercise. This kind of pain is more intense at the beginning, and there is a sense of tearing. The rupture of the corpus luteum can cause bleeding in the small arteries of the ovary. It is difficult for women to stop the bleeding by self-clotting function. If there is too much bleeding in the abdominal cavity, symptoms of acute abdomen and shock will soon appear.