Mother's Thumb: How to Ease Wrist Pain After Pregnancy

2021-12-21 Read:

 Mothers Thumb: How to Ease Wrist Pain After Pregnancy(图1)

How to judge mommy thumb?

Hide your thumb in your four fingers, gently make a fist, and press toward the little finger. If there is pain in the wrist, it may be a "Mommy Thumb".

1. Cold compress the wrist

Use a cold pack or a clean towel wrapped in ice cubes. Do not apply cold for more than 20 minutes. This can relieve pain and reduce inflammation, numb the painful area, slow down the blood flow to the injured area, and reduce inflammation.

2. Wear a brace

By limiting the movement of the thumb and wrist, the tendons are rested, thereby reducing the occurrence of pain.

3. Raise your hand

It is helpful to raise your arms and hands when you are resting. If you can use both wrists, you can raise your forearms and hands at the same time to reduce swelling and inflammation by slowing blood flow.

4. Practice moving your fingers

People with Mommy Thumb will find it difficult to move their fingers or form a fist, so to rebuild the strength and flexibility of the fingers and hand, make a fist, clench the fist for 5-10 seconds, then straighten it, repeat this 10 times .

5. Finger spring

Place a rubber band on the outside of your thumb and fingers, and slowly spread your fingers to spread the rubber band. Do two groups at a time, 15 in each group.

6. Adjust the posture of holding the baby

When the mother is holding the baby, avoid enclosing the baby's back with her fingers, with the thumb on the chest and the tiger's mouth under the baby's squeak nest, because most of the pressure will be on the thumb and wrist.

7. With the help of other forces

Mothers can appropriately use other tools to reduce the use of fingers and wrists when breastfeeding and holding the baby, such as nursing pillows and baby straps. Ask your father to help bring your baby or share housework, and let your hands rest properly.