Dearcare releases brand new films to enrich and extend brand connotation

2020-09-10 Read:


At the beginning of 2020, all walks of life are deeply affected by the outbreak of the epidemic. The news of layoffs and bankruptcies fills the whole news media. Compared with previous years, the sales of Companies in different industries have declined to varying degrees. However, under the epidemic situation, the family postpartum rehabilitation brand Dearcare withstood the impact of the epidemic and the fierce market competition test, broke through the adverse situation in the first half of the year, ushered in a new brand image upgrade.

In August, the postpartum rehabilitation brand Dearcare and Shenzhen bosida, a national first-class advertising enterprise, formally reached a cooperation. A good start is half of the success. In order to create a high-level brand film highlighting the brand image of ma'kang, bostar mobilized internal resources to equip the brand with a full set of professional team.

Before the shooting of the image film, bostar and Dearcare had many discussions. According to the current situation of modern Baoma's postpartum recovery, they conducted a detailed market research, deeply explored the pain points and consumption concept of modern postpartum women, and finally set the theme of brand film as "love, release", aiming to convey healthy and scientific postpartum rehabilitation concept to more women and help women improve their postpartum life quality To rebuild self-confidence in life.

In September, the brand image film of "to love, to release" was successfully produced and launched in all channels.


Dearcare image professional building

The brand film is produced by a special service team composed of Shenzhen best advertising Holding Co., Ltd., which has the qualification of China's top 100 advertising enterprises and high-tech enterprises. Shenzhen best advertising Holding Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen, radiates global business and integrates global resources. It is the first advertising group enterprise in China to put forward the concept of commercial digital vision and communication, focusing on serving the world's top 500 and China's top 100 enterprises.

After a series of careful preparations, the brand, the production team and the actors gathered at the scene and officially started shooting. In order to produce high-level brand image films, the production team constantly communicate, discuss and adjust on site. After the unremitting efforts of the shooting team, the production team and the brand side, the brand-new image of the film was officially launched in September.

 麻麻康发布全新品牌片,主题“去爱,去释放" ,延伸产后康复品牌内涵(图3)

Brand concept positioning of Dearcare

Due to the confinement of traditional ideas, many women think that postpartum problem is a hard thing to talk about. Therefore, many women neglect the postpartum rehabilitation, and miss the best opportunity for rehabilitation, which leads to organ prolapse, urinary incontinence and other physiological diseases, and may be accompanied by postpartum depression and other psychological problems, affecting harmonious family life; therefore, postpartum rehabilitation is an important existence for every postpartum woman that can not be ignored.

Just as Dearcare has always advocated "love your baby, love yourself more". When you love your baby, don't ignore your physiological and psychological problems caused by pregnancy and childbirth. In order to make more postpartum women easily recover happy family life, Dearcare will adhere to the popularization of scientific postpartum rehabilitation concept and transmit the energy of health brand.


麻麻康发布全新品牌片,主题“去爱,去释放" ,延伸产后康复品牌内涵(图4)

Extension of brand connotation of Dearcare

On the basis of the original brand concept, the brand film expands and extends according to the status quo of modern women's production and health, and sets "to love, to release" as the theme. It aims to transmit the healthy and scientific concept of postpartum rehabilitation, improve women's attention to postpartum rehabilitation, encourage women to express their postpartum troubles bravely, and carry out healthy and scientific postpartum rehabilitation, and rebuild their life.