Dearcare released a new brand promotional video

2020-09-10 Read:

Dearcare#  love & release#


Some people say that postpartum rehabilitation is a very obscure thing!

Some people say that it’s normal to have problems after childbirth, 

and you don’t need postpartum rehabilitation when you’re young!

Some people say that postpartum rehabilitation is to get back in shape. 

Is that true?


Come with Dearcare!

To be a confidence women!!! 

100% women are suffering from postpartum rehabilitation problems
Postpartum rectus abdominis separation, pelvic floor muscle relaxation, urinary incontinence, etc.
The pain and embarrassment that mothers have experienced
Prove the fragility and strength of the mother

Just like Dearcare's slogan "love baby, love yourself more!"

Every mother has the right to love and release herself

Take care of ourselves in a more correct way