Dearcare, guardian of Chinese family postpartum rehabilitation

2020-08-03 Read:


Grown from young girl to a mother, start a new life

From young girl to a monther, the arrival of the baby allows mothers to experience a sense of happiness that they have never had before, and also brings a lot of joy to a family. But behind happiness, there is a little-known risk, especially serious physical damage caused by pregnancy and childbirth. In the traditional Chinese concept, postpartum rehabilitation is "confinement". "Confinement" refers to: bed rest, cannot blowing cold wind, cannot shampoo, washing, cannot eat cold food, eat more eggs, eat more nutritious food, etc. However, the traditional concept is not scientific. It is not only not conducive to postpartum recovery, but may also cause infection and nutritional imbalance. If things continue this way, it will cause irreversible damage and sequelae to the body.



Scientific postpartum rehabilitation to eliminate sequelae

During pregnancy and childbirth, due to a series of factors such as pregnancy hormones and weight-bearing, the pelvic floor, pelvis, rectus abdominis and other important parts are damaged, leaving the postpartum mother with body deformation, urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse, etc. The sequelae can even cause different levels of psychological problems and produce depression. 

For one's own health and normal life, it is necessary to receive scientific postpartum rehabilitation in time, which can not only eliminate a series of sequelae, but also reduce the troubles brought to family life. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, the concept of postpartum rehabilitation has gradually changed, which has also prompted the rapid rise of the postpartum rehabilitation industry.


Dearcare, guarding mother's health intimately

In 2015, Dearcare paid attention to the physical damage caused by pregnancy and childbirth and various sequelae caused by poor postpartum recovery, which have had a serious impact on women's lives. Dearcare understands the difficulties of every mother.

In the past 5 years, Dearcare has formulated different solutions for different symptoms of postpartum mothers, and has successfully helped 300,000+ mothers to solve the problem of postpartum rehabilitation. Dearcare has long insisted on being customer-centric and adhering to the concept of "Love baby, love yourself more!" Colleagues have long been concerned about the health of postpartum female groups and maintained high-quality quality and services.