DEARCARE,Guarding the Sexual Safety of Children in Rural China

2020-10-13 Read:

 DEARCARE,Guarding the Sexual Safety of Children in Rural China

On the morning of October 9, 2020, DEARCARE, a love brand for postpartum rehabilitation under Shenzhen Degas Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Chunfeng Stress Intervention Service Center (hereinafter referred to as "Chunfeng") held a formal donation signing ceremony at the Chunfeng Office.

Ms. Xiao Ai, representative of Ma Ma Kang donation, Chairman Huang Meilian, representative of Chunfeng Council, volunteers and reporters from Shenzhen media all arrived at the scene. In addition to witnessing the donation ceremony, the attendees also hope that this donation will let more people know about the Spring Breeze Action, so that public welfare can be spread more.

 DEARCARE,Guarding the Sexual Safety of Children in Rural China

At the scene, DEARCARE donated 100,000 yuan to Chunfeng for the publishing and printing costs of children's sex safety education picture books. This move is to help more than 5,000 left-behind children in underdeveloped areas grow up to have sex safety education knowledge popular science picture books, so that these left-behind children can learn self-protection awareness and other sex safety knowledge through picture books. Chunfeng also gave back the "2020 Love Support Unit" plaque for the DEARCARE Love Action. The signing ceremony was successfully concluded under the friendly exchanges between the two parties.

Shenzhen Chunfeng Stress Intervention Service Center initiated the "Spring Breeze Program", the first public welfare project to prevent sexual assault and assist victims in mainland China in 2005. The service center serves the whole country. The main service items include professional intervention, prevention of psychological trauma caused by various factors, coping with the negative impact of various events, enhancing positive resources, and improving individual and group effectiveness. The service team includes seven full-time staff, dozens of doctors, masters, and more than 800 professional caring persons and volunteers from all over the country.

At present, Chunfeng has provided direct psychological and legal assistance to more than 3,000 people, and over 10,000 public welfare lectures and trainings have benefited more than tens of millions of indirect beneficiaries through, etc. The related services have won many national and Asian awards. Until today, Chunfeng has been constantly forging ahead with his own methods and strength on the road of psychological trauma assistance.

Similar to Chunfeng Charity, since its establishment, DEARCARE has always adhered to the original intention of helping postpartum women to recover their health and return to a self-confident life, and has consistently delivered the postpartum rehabilitation concept of health science. DEARCARE continues to develop and innovate smart products with the entrepreneurial spirit of honesty, focus and continuous creation to solve the rehabilitation problems of postpartum women in a simple and convenient way. Help is the original intention of the founding, and love is the strength that it wants to transmit. This time DEARCARE's love donation to Chunfeng also hopes to use its own strength to give more encouragement and love assistance, just like the name of Chunfeng, with Chunfeng-like Warmness sends a piece of firm strength to the child.